Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend for Luke!

Elder Chandler with Cade & Carson. It's crazy to think that in the next picture with these 3 together, the boys will be 2...running around and talking. We went to Twin Falls this weekend for Luke. He spoke in church on Sunday and reports for his mission in D.C. in one week. It was such a fun weekend with the fam. The weather was beautiful and Luke had tons of support from friends and extended family. It was fun to see and visit with everyone. Aaron was able to fly in from Virginia which was awesome. Unfortunately, Nan and Dillon weren't able to fly with him which was a total bummer. They were SO missed. We are grateful that they let Aaron come for the weekend. We are so excited for Luke. We are going to miss him like crazy but we know he's going to be such an awesome missionary.

Aaron always did this when Dillon was a baby. Cade didn't do so hot. He just kept collapsing his little legs. Carson, on the other hand, did pretty good. He kept his fingers in his mouth and kept on talking away. It was pretty darn cute.

We decided it was time for an updated family photo. We were just heading out the door to church. Luckily we got one picture with both the boys looking at the camera...that doesn't happen too often! Mom has Cade and Dad has Carson.
Luke, Lauren, and Cade. This was after the big yummy lunch.

The cute parents-to-be!
Shane took some cute pictures of the boys right when they woke up in the morning. They are always so happy and cuddly right when they wake up...then they remember that they're hungry!!!

Me and Aaron. He was feeding Carson. He'll have a new little boy really soon. He's an awesome Dad and is cute with our boys. I think it made him anxious and excited to have a new baby in his family.
Lins feeding Cade. Doesn't she look like a natural???

We sang as a family in Sacrament Meeting. This is always something that I have loved. Music has always been a big part of our family and we've sung together as a family from the time I was little. I wish we could do it more. This is Dad and Aaron during our little practice!

This picture turned out a little blury but I still like it. They were hangin' out while we practiced our song...too cute.

Lauren and I had the chance to go to a Celtic Woman concert. It was way fun. The concert was super awesome and it was fun to get out and have a little girly time with Lauren. She is always a lot of fun. Thanks for letting me go Shane! He had a fun night at home with the boys...such a good Daddy.

Prego Lindsay! She is starting to get a little belly and is looking SO cute! She is 18 weeks along and will find out what she is having in 2 weeks. We only have boy grandbabies so far...it would be fun to have a little girl!


julie said...

You're a babe. You always look so pretty in all the pictures. You're kids are pretty cute too.

Danette said...

Hey Amy,
Are you kidding, of course I remember the tux shop. It was one of my most favorite jobs ever. I loved working with all of you guys.
Your little boys are so darn cute. I'm so happy that everything turned out well for you guys. You will have to help comment on the infertility blog as you will have a positive story to share =)
I can't believe Lindsay is prego. She looks great. Tell the fam hello and I'll be checking back again.

Matt & Ali said...

Hey Amy~
Thanks so much for the cute note. We had a great weekend and it was such a cool experience. It is just such a wonderful feeling knowing that we will be together forever! Your kids are so dang cute!!! Looks like you have your hands full and you probably wouldn't change a thing. I can't wait to keep updated in your life.

Lara said...

A few things:

YAY for Lindsay! You need to convince her to start a blog. I miss her face.

I LOVE Celtic Women! I've always wanted to go to a concert- where was it at??

Shoot me- You look amazing, and your boys are SO BIG!