Monday, April 7, 2008

This guy has got some cheeks!!! I love them...especially when he looks like he doesn't have a neck!
Little Carson Man just being cute for the camera!
Yes...we have discovered our fingers! We LOVE them!!! Who needs toys when you've got fingers??? They just don't really know when to stop...they are gagging themselves quite often! They'll learn, right?!
Cade & Carson

Love this close up of Cade
They both have such big eyes. Aren't they looking more and more different? Some people still think they look identical...not even close!!!:)


melinda! said...

They look like brothers for sure, but definately not identical. Darn cute? Heck yeah!

Jeremy and Debbie said...

Love the picures! The onsies are great! Hope to see you soon!

Julie said...

Your boys are getting so big! I don't think they look identical, but people ask me if Ellie and Lucy are twins if they are dressed alike and they are two years apart! So, go figure!

millerandbrandi said...

Amy...they are so cute!!!!!!!!! It looks like you are having a ton of fun with them. Isn't it weird to think of your life without kids now? So boring!

Jaran and Claire said...

LOVE the onesies! Your blog layout is cute too!