Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Noteworthy Day For Sure!!!

Today is an exciting day for 2 reasons:

First and foremost, early this morning, the twins got a new cousin!!! Wesley Hobbs Chandler was born this morning in Virginia. From what I hear, Natalie was a champ! Way to go!!! We are so excited for the new addition and wanted to congratulate Aaron & Nan. If only we could see him sooner. We will get to meet little baby Wesley in August...can't wait! They haven't posted any pictures quite yet but they will be you can check out their blog if you are interested. Congrats again. We love you guys.

Secondly, we have another roly poly!!! Carson finally rolled today! For goodness sakes, it is about time my little man! He went from his back to his belly all by himself 4 times in a row. Boy was I proud. The way he does it is so different from how Cade rolls. Cade arches his back and then just picks up his head and...ta da! Carson, on the other hand literally looks like a roly poly bug. He goes over to the side all scrunched up in a big ball. Once he's over far enough, he unfolds out onto his tummy. He looks pretty funny while he's in the act. I'll have to try to catch some pictures of him while he's in action.

Yea for today!

Friday, June 27, 2008

What's New at 7 Months???

Time to document a few more things for the boys. I know I'll forget these little things down the road. The boys turn 7 months today! Crazy, crazy. They are constantly learning and discovering new things and it is so fun to watch them go through the process. So, here's what's new.


  • He's a little grunting/squealing boy...or should I say...pig? He seriously sounds like a baby pig. It's like his new laugh. It is hilarious.
  • Is finally showing some interest in the idea of rolling. 7 month old baby WILL NOT roll! He just doesn't want to. I've been working with him for MONTHS forcing him to do it. Up until now, he hasn't EVER tried to do it on his own. The last few days, I've caught him trying to roll over to his tummy on his own. He can't quite do it but he's dang close. I'm just happy to see that he is actually trying!
  • Has more control over his hands and has stopped scratching himself! He only does it when he gets super tired, but it has improved immensely. His face is no longer constantly beat up! Woo Hoo!!!
  • Has almost mastered the art of sitting up. Because he's more physically sedentary, he has an easier time sitting up. He will still topple over to the sides if he's not careful but he's improved quite a bit in the last month.
  • Is on the move...boy is he on the move! He is such a squirmy little man. He just can't seem to sit still for a second. He is doing all he physically can to crawl...gets up on all fours but then gets frustrated and doesn't know what to do.
  • Scoots on his back like a little inchworm. During church, he'll scoot himself down the entire isle.
  • Has found his vocal chords! He's always been a little more quiet than Carson...still is. But in the last month, his talking has greatly increased. He has such a cute little voice and is trying out new sounds everyday.
  • Loves to laugh. He is so easy to make giggle. He laughs at the most random never know when it's going to start.
For both Carson & Cade:
  • LOVE anything you give them to eat. Neither of them are picky and eat whatever I give them. Good little eaters!
  • Still are taking 3 naps a day. They are getting close to dropping that 3rd quick snooze but aren't quite there. They are also still sleeping 10 hours at night. I'm pretty spoiled!
  • LOVE the water. They have swimming quite a few times now and seem to really like it. They have never once fussed over it. It has been lots of fun.
  • Are still loving their little feet. They don't suck on them but play with them non-stop.
  • They have discovered each other. They are been starring at one another for awhile now but they recently have been smiling more at each other. It is SO cute. You have to watch them closely though...they start scratching each other's eyes out rather quickly. They can't play too close to each other unless you have a constant eye on them! Otherwise, one of them will end up in tears.
What's new for the Mom:
  • Re-reading the "Twilight" series, getting geared up for the new book in August!!!
  • Changing LOTS of smelly diapers.
  • Trying to lose those extra pounds. Okay...not on a "diet" per say but trying to eat healthier and cook healthier all around. I've got some bad habits that NEED to be broken.
  • Spending too much time blogging...what's new!
  • In need of a haircut...hopefully in July!
  • Very into "So You Think You Can Dance!"
  • Loving Carrie Underwood's latest album "Carnival Ride"
  • Changing MORE stinky diapers...LOTS of diapers!
What's new for the Dad:
  • Just got notice of his promotion at work!!! Way to go honey buns...SO proud of you!!!
  • Working, working, working...gotta keep up with those added/new responsibilities with work. Working so that Mom can be at home...Mom is SO grateful!
  • Trying to learn Photo Shop. Has gotten into video editing and spends lots of his extra time, if any, playing with a few different programs.
  • Also changing LOTS of diapers!!! Helps TONS with his boys while he is home.
  • Supporting his wifey in her attempt to eat and cook healthier! Taking sack lunches to work willingly!!!:)
  • Continues to be the best Hubby and Daddy a family could ask for. Is greatly appreciated by his wife and kiddies!
I think that's all. As I continue to watch them grow and develop, I am trying to do better at appreciating the little things. We have so much to be grateful for. I love being a mother and love my little family. I'm trying to enjoy these last few moments before they are both on the move. The fun is only just beginning. Chasing two around I'm sure will keep me on my toes and it is right around the corner.:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime...

We are SO enjoying this summer weather. We've been outside so much more and it is HEAVENLY!!! These are just some pictures taken over the weekend. Some swimming, some on our walk and a few just taken outside our house while playing in the grass. We captured some pretty sweet moments. They are all a little jumbled...I don't have the time to organize them right now!!!:)

Both buried their heads at the same time. Love it!

Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen?!??

We got to go swimming at the Schnoor's pool last weekend. It was pretty fun. We had to take pictures with the three boys that had matching swimming suits. They were pretty darn cute. This is with Kyle & Cara's little boy (4 weeks old) Milo. He makes my boys look HUGE!!!

All the little kiddies. The boys, Milo (Kyle & Cara's), and Halle (Jeremy & Andrea's)

Getting ready to go for our daily cute are they?!??

Cade just playing after our walk.

Getting ready for a swim. What a handsome little man!

He was so happy and chill in his little was so cute.

Monday, June 23, 2008

On a Diet!

So, Shane and I officially started our diet last Thursday. It is something that I have been needing to do for quite some time now but I'm still nursing the twins and didn't want to do anything too soon. I have a few extra pounds to shed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have been able to wear my normal jeans for awhile now...the weight is all lingering in the mid-section. UGH!!! I hate it. So, Shane decided to help me out a little and committed to the diet with me. It is always so much easier when you do it with someone else. We started on Thursday and both had a pretty good day. I made Shane his lunch and he happily ate it without any complaints. At the end of the day, we commented to each other that it is kind of fun to do it together. We found ourselves calling each other throughout the day..."Did you eat your lunch yet?" "Are you feeling hungry at all?" Needless to say, we were pretty into it. Today is Monday. Today it's a different story!!! We have been complaining and gripping all weekend. Diets STINK! As I was making our little meals Saturday and Sunday, Shane would look at me and say, "Ummm, tell me again why we are doing this?" We were feeling so sorry for ourselves...I mean, we had been on a diet for THREE WHOLE DAYS!!! So, we bought some treats for our Sunday School class...BIG mistake. The classes ended up combining and we didn't even open the bag! We were doing really well while we didn't have any temptations in the house. Now that we had a big bag of chocolate all to ourselves, we realized how pathetic we both are. We broke down and acted like we had never had tasted sweets in our lives...we caved...and completely undid everything we had worked so hard to do the previous couple of days. ZERO self-control I tell you! Why is it so hard? I'm never going to get to my target at this rate. Last night we re-committed ourselves and are going to try to do better this that we got our sugar/chocolate fix. Hopefully we can stick to it and do a little better. I'm with Katy, if only blogging helped us to shed a few extra pounds. If that were the case, I'm sure I would have reached my target weight by now!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Icky Poop Stink!

The other night, Shane was changing Carson's poopy diaper not even paying attention to Cade. He was playing with Carson when out of nowhere, Cade starts giggling. It was too funny...we couldn't resist getting some of it on camera. We tried to get a little of Carson giggling too. Enjoy.

Recent Pictures

They both LOVE their feet right now.

Cade is by far the messier eater. He gets his hands all in it and gets it everywhere. Drives me crazy. What can you do?!

This is what Carson looks like when his puppet friend on Baby Mozart comes on. It is the same green puppet every is hilarious.

Carson watching Baby Mozart so intently. Love it!

Watching Baby Mozart...both playing with their feet!

There's a good smile for ya!

Carson was playing in his diaper waiting his turn for the bath. I had a bib on him to catch his drool and spit up...makes him look more like Superman as it serves as a cape instead of a bib!

This was Shane's Father's Day gift from his parents...a fun remote control for the boys to play with. They are hypnotized by it and follow it wherever it goes. It's pretty cute.

Carson's face whenever I put the camera in front of him. Full of smiles until that thing comes out!

This is how Cade waits to eat before I put the tray on the high chair. It never fails and I think it's so cute.

The Host

I just wanted to report on "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. I finished it yesterday and would highly recommend it. Gotta be's a little different but so is a love story about vampires!!! I thought it was really creative and it had a really good message. It was a page turner and was super easy to get into. If you've thought about reading it and haven't yet...take the plunge and do it! Not a waste of time for sure!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Looking for a good book???

So, I have recently discovered a new love for reading. I have never been one to read much but I found myself desperate while down on bedrest. I spent most of my time reading and thoroughly enjoyed it. I find it so much more enjoyable than TV which again, is a surprise to me! Anyway, I have recently finished some good books and thought I might share in case you are looking for a good read.

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult: This is a really interesting story about two sisters that have more in common than they might have hoped. It is a little sad but really good too. Just a warning, there is a little language in it but not too bad. I really enjoyed it.

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull: This is a series comparable to Harry Potter...or so they say. I haven't read Harry Potter but am thinking I just might. I didn't think I would enjoy fantasy books but I love them. This is a really good fun series...currently with three books released. Easy, fun read for sure!!!

I am starting The Host today and am super excited. I will let you know what I think when I'm finished!!! I would love any other suggestions. I am always looking for good books to dive into! I am a new woman now that I have discovered reading!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Visit to the Doc!

Today we took Carson & Cade in to see the doc for their 6 month check up. They are doing awesome and were given a big thumbs up! They continue to be healthy and are maintaining their own little growth curves! I'm grateful for healthy babies. We have been so blessed. I was reading some of my earlier posts from our time in the hospital...we were so excited when we knew they had both reached the big 2 pound mark. Now they are just big, healthy, normal boys. Here are their latest stats.

Weight: 15.5 lb. (12th percentile)
Height: 26.25 in. (38th percentile)

Weight: 14 lb. (3rd percentile)
Height: 25 in. (5th percentile)

Carson remains the bigger of the two. Cade is just a little ball of muscle and is super lean. Carson has a little chub on him and is just thicker all around. Their builds are so different. It is crazy to me that both of them are in the higher percentage in their height over their weight. Who knows...maybe they will be taller than both their parents. We would be okay with that!!!

Picture Day

So, we ventured out the other night to get the boys' 6 month pictures done. Our last attempt at 3 months didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped so I was hoping for a smoother run this time. I prepped the boys for about a week. We all know how Carson likes to give himself battle scares so he has been sporting fuzzy socks for the past week or so. I've also been doctoring Cade's face. He's had this dry spot on his upper lip for quite some time now. It doesn't ever seem to heal because of the constant slobber that covers it. So I've been faithful at keeping it dry and moisturized. It wasn't completely gone but I knew that I couldn't keep Carson's face scratchless much longer. I decided to make my move and get them done. So strategic...who knew planning pictures could be so complex??? When we strolled them in, they had huge bibs on to catch any unexpected spit up and Carson was still sporting his socks. I was not about to let him ruin all my hard work!!! Needless to say, they looked like...they had a super paranoid Mom. It was game time and the boys were ready. They were happy and looking cuter than ever. We started the photo session with the two of them together. The picture lady, bless her heart, was all excited to get to smile...maybe a little too excited. Cade tends to be sensitive to sudden noise in his face. It didn't take but 5 seconds to have that little boy in tears...I mean, big crocodile tears. It was like she scared him and he didn't know what to think and just cried. This couldn't happen!!! After all of my preparation, this couldn't happen! did. I would take Cade, get him all happy again and then set him down for another attempt. More tears. So, this first picture was the best one that we got with the two of them together. I have to be honest...I LOVE it! It's classic and just sums up the experience. To my surprise, we did get some cute pictures of both of them individually and overall, I was very pleased. It was just funny when it all came crashing down. No matter how hard I try, I just can't control EVERYTHING! Bummer!!!

Their little personalities are so cute. Cade, who is most often the most calm and easy going at home clams up in public. Carson can be a handful and super high-maintenance at home but is the biggest charmer in public. Did he have problems taking pictures...of course not!!! It is just funny to watch them both in action. Here are the results from our 6 month picture day.

Need I say more?!??

Carson's individual. How cute are his little hands? The slobber all over his chin is a nice touch as well!!!

We were able to sneak a smile or two out of Cade amisdt the tears. I was pleasantly surprised. I think it turned out super cute!

I know I'm super biased but I think my boys are pretty darn handsome. To add to their cuteness, they also have some dynamite personalities! What more can a Mom ask for?!??