Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Recent Pictures

They both LOVE their feet right now.

Cade is by far the messier eater. He gets his hands all in it and gets it everywhere. Drives me crazy. What can you do?!

This is what Carson looks like when his puppet friend on Baby Mozart comes on. It is the same green puppet every time...it is hilarious.

Carson watching Baby Mozart so intently. Love it!

Watching Baby Mozart...both playing with their feet!

There's a good smile for ya!

Carson was playing in his diaper waiting his turn for the bath. I had a bib on him to catch his drool and spit up...makes him look more like Superman as it serves as a cape instead of a bib!

This was Shane's Father's Day gift from his parents...a fun remote control for the boys to play with. They are hypnotized by it and follow it wherever it goes. It's pretty cute.

Carson's face whenever I put the camera in front of him. Full of smiles until that thing comes out!

This is how Cade waits to eat before I put the tray on the high chair. It never fails and I think it's so cute.


Nan & Aaron said...

Your boys are so cute. Can't wait to kiss their little faces in August!