Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Visit to the Doc!

Today we took Carson & Cade in to see the doc for their 6 month check up. They are doing awesome and were given a big thumbs up! They continue to be healthy and are maintaining their own little growth curves! I'm grateful for healthy babies. We have been so blessed. I was reading some of my earlier posts from our time in the hospital...we were so excited when we knew they had both reached the big 2 pound mark. Now they are just big, healthy, normal boys. Here are their latest stats.

Weight: 15.5 lb. (12th percentile)
Height: 26.25 in. (38th percentile)

Weight: 14 lb. (3rd percentile)
Height: 25 in. (5th percentile)

Carson remains the bigger of the two. Cade is just a little ball of muscle and is super lean. Carson has a little chub on him and is just thicker all around. Their builds are so different. It is crazy to me that both of them are in the higher percentage in their height over their weight. Who knows...maybe they will be taller than both their parents. We would be okay with that!!!


Steve said...

Shane and Amy Jo,

Amy Jo, you probably haven't heard of me, but I spent some time in Venezuela with Shane. He was my best 1 week companion, but we actually lived together for several months.

I've been trying to find Shane for a couple of years now...blogs now make it possible.

Congratulations on the twins! Those are 2 handsome little guys, must be Amy Jo's jeans.

Well, I wanted to say hello to Shane. The reason I thought of Elder Tucker was that one of my brothers is moving to Boise near Centennial High School and it made me think of the two people I know with connections to Boise.

My wife maintains a blog as well at Shane, I'd love to hear from you sometime.

Again, congratulations to the both of you on the twins. Amy Jo, I know you married very well, which means that you must be even that much greater than Shane.