Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Noteworthy Day For Sure!!!

Today is an exciting day for 2 reasons:

First and foremost, early this morning, the twins got a new cousin!!! Wesley Hobbs Chandler was born this morning in Virginia. From what I hear, Natalie was a champ! Way to go!!! We are so excited for the new addition and wanted to congratulate Aaron & Nan. If only we could see him sooner. We will get to meet little baby Wesley in August...can't wait! They haven't posted any pictures quite yet but they will be you can check out their blog if you are interested. Congrats again. We love you guys.

Secondly, we have another roly poly!!! Carson finally rolled today! For goodness sakes, it is about time my little man! He went from his back to his belly all by himself 4 times in a row. Boy was I proud. The way he does it is so different from how Cade rolls. Cade arches his back and then just picks up his head and...ta da! Carson, on the other hand literally looks like a roly poly bug. He goes over to the side all scrunched up in a big ball. Once he's over far enough, he unfolds out onto his tummy. He looks pretty funny while he's in the act. I'll have to try to catch some pictures of him while he's in action.

Yea for today!


The Speers Family said...

Your boys are so cute. I can't believe you had twins. Fun! I hope you don't mind that I found your blog. It is nice to find what you have been up to lately. I have a blog also, it is
Your old roomy,
Shauna (Campbell)

Cheri said...

Go Carson! I've been watching your blog as our babies have been getting bigger. I think your boys are just a few weeks younger than my Lily. Lily has been kind of a lazy baby compared with my others. She's been rolling over for a while and it looked like exactly what you described Carson doing. She kind of bunched up her body and then her arms would fly out once she got over! It was so funny and I got it on video.
Thank you, by the way. It's so fun having two girls. We might have to make plans sometime for a playdate when I'm on that side of town. We've been feeling lonely here in Nampa not knowing anybody.

aaron & emily said...

We are so glad you found us! Blogging is the best to stay connected. I hope you know that we miss you tons and keep intending to get together. We are moving again in a few weeks. (Just down the block, in the north end of Boise) and then things should mellow out a bit. We will have a housewarming party to reconnect with everyone and so everyone can find us! :) Take care and keep in touch!