Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ready, Set, GO!

From the mouth of Shane:

For Memorial Day weekend I had the 25th and 28th off. Somewhere earlier in the week I started to get the impression that Amy wanted to spend some time doing a yard project in the back yard while we had some extra time. I had no idea what would follow.

Friday was a fun day with the boys and we didn't really get a lot of yard work done, but we did get to roast marshmallows in the back yard and ride the go kart at the church.

Saturday was a rainy day so we didn't do a lot of yard work. However, we did tear out the big round bush that was in our back yard. It was somewhat of an eyesore since it didn't really fit with the other trees along back fence. A friend brought a chainsaw (all my chainsaws are in pieces hoping to become kart motors someday) and made quick work of the bush. I thought maybe I would be done for the weekend with "yard" work and I could move on to more interesting activities.

Saturday we found out that Don and Lori would be coming to visit to help us with our yard work. Again, I wasn't too worried since they came a while ago and built a nice flower bed for us, but it wasn't too bad since Don did most of the work.

Sometime during the weekend I also started having conversations with the gardenator (Jason H.) and he was having visions of pergolas and flower beds. I figured that he would yield to his desires to get the ski boat out and I would again be saved from any big yard projects. Wrong.

Jason decided to come by first thing Monday morning with his truck, trailer and arsenal of yard tools. I had no idea he was such a landscaper. I'm not sure who really made the decision or how they made it, but somehow we decided our highest priority was to gain useable space in the back yard so that it would be more of an extension of our house. The logical solution was to extend our patio with paver bricks. This is a project that I had considered last summer, but backed off due to sticker shock. Somehow with all the troops in the yard and the tools lined up we decided it was now or never.

Jason is a work horse and jumped right in. The rest of the day is pretty much a blur to me. We dug out the sod around the patio, moved the 3 affected sprinkler heads, removed additional dirt, put that dirt back in the hole, compacted the dirt, leveled the dirt,  put in a layer of 1" rock, compacted the rock, leveled the rock, added sand, leveled sand and then started to lay pavers. I think we started at about 10:00 am, spent about 2 hours collecting materials, 10 minutes for lunch, and we started laying pavers around 9pm. It was a lot of work, especially since our back yard is not accessible by vehicle (note to self - if we ever buy another house it will have access).

Amy and I continued working on the job throughout the rest of the week and basically finished on Thursday night. We still need to adjust some sprinkler heads and add sod around the edge of the patio. We love it so far and hope that it will be durable. It added a little under 120 square feet to our patio which doubled its size. The crowded patio feeling is gone.

If anyone wants help with a paver project, call Jason, not me. :) 



FYI: This is not me sun-bathing, sippin' on juice while watching the men work.  I, surprisingly, laid one entire side of pavers.  Just don't look too closely to my side!!

We've since added our trampoline, which has been awesome.  Unfortunately, there is still a project or two pending which more unknowns to come.  I had no idea he had such an aversion to yard work!  It has been noted.  Too bad owning a home is a never-ending project!!!

Over Due

I'm sure you've all been worried that we failed to celebrate Easter this year.  Here is some put your minds at ease, now that Independence Day is right around the corner.  Wasn't Easter like 5 years ago?!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Wow. I have completely fallen lame in the blog world.  I blame it all on my iPhone.  Getting that thing totally shook up my regular world of technology.  I'm still trying to find my new groove, and I'm not the greatest with change...I got my phone like 8 months ago.  But today is the start of a new week with new goals and I am getting my blog on!

There is nothing huge to report.  Life as usual.  Working the yard, riding bikes, working in the yard, going to the park, visiting the zoo, shopping garage sales like a mad woman, working in the yard, prepping for a little camping trip, continuing to fail in the dinner department...can't plan dinners/weekly menus for the life of me, checking adoption profile statistics and adoption email religiously (no news yet), counting down the days until Tom and Annette come home (19), counting down the days until we set sail to the Eastern Caribbean (32), stressing about leaving my children for said vacation, working in the yard, swimming, trying to enjoy exercising (also failing), missing friends who have moved (please come back!), and...last but not least...working in the yard!  Life as usual.

I'm so happy that summer is here and excited for all that it brings.  Our monthly schedules are filling up fast!  Carson and Cade are darling as ever.  They are learning and growing so much and are anxious to start their swimming lessons.  They ask daily when their birthday is coming and are trying desperately to understand the concept of time.  Carson asks a million questions a day (not even slightly exaggerating...spend 10 minutes with him and you'll understand).  He is extremely affectionate and wins the heart of every person he meets.  He is incredibly smart, yet still won't sleep in a bed!  Love him more than words.  Cade is still dressing up regularly and is just as stubborn as I am.  We tend to butt heads from time to time, both determined to never back down!  Too much alike I tell ya.  He is a mad man on two wheels and loves to show off his sweet skills.  He is a natural leader and always amazes me at his innate ability to lead and influence others.  He loves to tease and play games.  Once you give him a little time to warm up, he is sweet as candy.  Love him more than words.

Is June really almost half way over?  Time needs to slow down.  I can't seem to keep up.  No pictures for today.  I'm only in the beginning stages of dancing my new groove.  But...I'm feelin' it!        

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fathers and sons x 2

Sad fact. I have not attended a Fathers and Sons campout in Boise prior to this year. I took our boys to one in TF two years ago. I'm not sure what happened last year. In the spirit of making up for lost time, we squeezed in two Fathers and Sons campouts this year. Our stake had an activity a few weeks ago, but we called an audible and camped at Huszar's place. We had a great time and even slept a little. This past weekend was our ward activity which I attended with our boys. We had a great time and got to test out our new tent. We ended up having some rain, lightning and thunder in the evening which added to the overall experience. Mom really likes it when we go camping.  

Muddy buddies

Do they make seat belts for camp chairs? I'd buy some restraints if they're available.

Here's the new tent. We pitched it without the rain fly since it was such a clear sky. I got to put the fly up at 12:30 when rain drops woke me up. We stayed dry after the fly went on.