Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bed for Sale

I remember anticipating the time we would transition to a "big boy bead." Carson was the first to graduate from his crib. So much anxiety over this change...would he stay in bed, fall out in the middle of the night, keep blankets on...??? If only I would have known then what I know now. Such is life. If only I knew that all Carson would need for a restless (he's far from a rest-FULL sleeper) night's sleep would be a piece of carpet next to his door. For two years now, I cannot for the life of me get Carson to sleep in his bed. And believe me, I've tried everything! I've gone in and moved him back to his bed multiple times a night, threatened him, patiently explained that people sleep in beds, blocked his carpet spot, told him to sleep in his bed with blankets so he doesn't get cold, and we've even made him an actual bed on the floor. No success. He doesn't take a pillow or blanket with him to his carpet spot. Just himself, which makes me worry. So we made him a bed on the floor with our crib mattress. He slept NEXT to it. What?! So we made him a little bed on the floor with pillow and blankets minus the mattress. He pushed it aside. We've gone through this cycle lots and lots...revisited the issue over the last two years to see if anything has changed with time. Still waiting. He sleeps right up against the door (with the door closed). As close as he can possibly get to the outside world maybe? Once he's asleep, you can't even open his door with his dead weight up against it. We've left the door open. He still just lays in the same spot with his eyes poking out into the living room until he falls asleep. What is the deal?! I am at a loss and ready to sell his bed. :) Really, if he would just sleep with a blanket, my controlling self would be satisfied. He also frequently sleep walks and talks. One night, he started crying for me and I went in to find him sleep walking...standing straight up on the top bunk! Scary! We have found him wandering the house in the middle of the night...multiple times. He makes me nervous. Never a dull moment with Carson! I have managed to get a few pictures.

So this night, the piano bench blocked his "spot." He crawled in between the legs and nestled in for the night. What a comfy snuggle buddy. He woke and started trying to get out while I took the picture. I am open to all suggestions! For now, we have an empty bed if anyone wants to come visit!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bundle Up....

Saturday Shane and I took a much needed mini-get-away...Bogus Style. Lucky for us the weather was beautiful and the company even better. There's just something about being in the mountains. It's good for the soul. There's also something about a man on a board. I fell in love with Shane all over again. :)

Monday we went back to the mountains with the whole fam. Carson and Cade have been dying to go sledding so we finally made it happen. Our experience today was much, much better than our last sledding day. Progress!!! Friends+Snow=Happy Day!
The 3 older boys...Emery, Carson, Cade...ready to hit the hill!

This last picture of Cade sums up our weekend. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!