Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Lovin'...Boating Edition.

 Waving "hello" to the 'ittle boys.


 I spy Shane in this picture.  Do you??


Friday, July 13, 2012

Behold the Cuteness!

The boys are celebrating one of the newest additions to our backyard...FIREPIT!!  We have perfected the art of S'mores and also love to roast Starbursts and Caramels.  It's been so fun.  We sit in the backyard, set up our tent, sit around the fire, and our boys talk about how much they love camping.  It's awesome!!! 
Mastering 2 wheels.  Both boys have got it!!!

Walking the neighbor's dogs...the best kind of pets!!!

Sleeping in their "house" aka my closet in laundry baskets.  Every time I'd open the door to say hello, they'd immediately kick me out of their house.  Rude.

Playing with neighbors.
This was taken right after the trampoline sticker chart became FULL.  We were pretty excited about it!
Too cool for school.
Movie night in sleeping bags!!!
Halloween in July.
Friends at the park.
And the zoo.
And rollerskating!
TRAMPOLINE!!!!  With sprinklers underneath, of course.
Putting on a concert.  No shirts and boots...such Rock Stars!!!
Primary Activity: Planting flowers, water games, and Popsicles.
Stephanie.  Pro go-kart racer.
And Tiffany!  This was her Birthday ride!!!
We even got our Bishop on it!
Covered in Popsicle stickiness.  Summer is GOOD!   

Monday, July 9, 2012

Starting Anew

This month has been one of unexpected change. It's amazing how sure and content and comfortable you can feel, not knowing that just around the corner, something new awaits. Today marks the LAST Monday for Shane with the Amalgamated Sugar Co. His next working Monday marks day ONE with Idaho Power. We have loved our time with Amalgamated. Really loved it. In fact, both Shane and I thought we would be with them for many many years to come. We have a few friends who work for Idaho Power. It is a company that Shane has always been impressed with and he follows them closely. He has always checked their job postings regularly, giving me clues that if something were to ever come up, this would be the one place that would tempt him. He called home about 6 weeks ago to let me know that the position of Internal Auditor had been posted with Idaho Power and that it seemed the perfect fit. I'm thinking...well...lots of jobs could be perfect fits. Doesn't mean what you have isn't also dang near perfect! But I knew I'd better get ready for what was coming. Of course, he applied. But this is a super competitive place and they put you through the ringer, so I didn't let my thoughts wander much. I was just supportive. He made it through the initial screening process and landed a phone interview. We waited another week to learn he'd been chosen for an in-person behavioral interview. And two weeks later he was offered the position. Days later he gave Amalgamated his notice. WHOA! What just happened?!?! It still feels a bit surreal. It has been a roller coaster ride. It is hard to let go of a good thing. It's been tough for Shane. He hates to leave wonderful people who he has great relationships with, but he has felt numerous times that we are doing the right thing...for us and our family. Amalgamated has been wonderful since he broke the news. Better than we could have ever hoped, which we are so grateful for. His last day with them is Friday. All that being said, we are very excited about the future. Idaho Power is downtown, only 8 miles from us. Biking distance, which is huge for Shane. They are a great company and very stable. Opportunities are many and promising. The job is a good change for him and will be challenging. Shane is happy and super pumped about it. And I am just super proud!! I'm also extremely grateful that I'm not the one who had to go through his interviews! I would have failed. Miserably. It has been fun to watch Shane through it all. I love him. Lots. There is no doubt we are being watched over, and we are counting our many blessings. I keep thinking of one of my favorite quotes from Elder Wirthlin, "Come what may and love it."

Progress Report...or lack thereof!!!