Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Edna Creek

After sending Shane and the boys camping without me, twice, Shane decided it was high time I pulled my own weight and did my part!  So we packed our stuff for a weekend in the mountains.  We headed up passed Idaho City and set up camp at Edna Creek along the Crooked River.  It was beautiful and our weather did well to cooperate.  And of course, Carson and Cade were in heaven.  It helped that we camped with friends.  Kids were just happy to be together and entertained one another, which made it easier on the adults.  We wouldn't have had near as much fun alone!  After our breakfast, we hiked along Crooked River.  I was just in awe at the beauty we have...almost literally...in our backyard.  It was refreshing to be away from town and in the mountains.  And as some say...nature...it does a body good! 

We brought along our little bug catcher/carrier.  At the very end of our hike, Cade found a big ol' caterpillar.  There were hundreds of butterflies where we were, so it makes sense that we found a furry caterpillar.  It was exciting!  Unfortunately, Cade didn't give him the best care and he didn't make it for very long.

Hazel girl is the sweetest.

Carson, Ruby, Tiffany, and baby Emrie.
I was begging Hazel to smile and this is all she would give me.  Made me laugh.
One of the trail heads where we started our hike.

See the butterfly on the pack?
Stephanie was the butterfly whisperer. She was the only one to successfully hold a butterfly.  Unfortunately, this one was brown and a little hard to see.

Rocking the Transformers pack-pack.

We had a great time.  I see many camping trips in our future.