Thursday, July 5, 2012

After 3 Years

This family has been counting down the days (literally) for President and Sister Tucker to set foot back on Idaho soil.  They have been serving as Missionaries in Mississippi for 3 years.  That's a long time!!!  Carson and Cade were 18 months when they left.  I remember thinking about the boys pushing age 5 when they would return...and not being able to even wrap my brain around that thought.  And now here we are.  Time really does move quickly, even when it feels like it doesn't.  They flew into the Boise Airport at 11:15pm on Saturday.  
 Here's the fam, minus a few sleeping grandkids, waiting for Mom and Dad.

I love that Annette had her camera ready on her end just as we all did on ours.

 Hugs all around!
 HOME!  Exhausted...mentally, emotionally, and physically...with mixed emotions about their mission coming to an end...but...HOME!!!  We all know that for them, this is a bittersweet time.  For us, however, only sweet.  Don't get me wrong, having experienced the tiniest sliver of their mission with them has been incredible, but we love having them back with us.  We know with time they'll adjust and be more excited to be with us too. ;).

Darling Lydia had this picture thing down!!!
We spent all of Sunday back together as the Tucker Clan.  It was awesome and full of laughter.  In only one week, we'll be cruisin' the Caribbean together.  CAN'T.  WAIT!!!!!


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

This made me cry.....what a wonderful family you have! Can't wait to hear all about your cruisin adventures!!!