Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Littles

 Still determined to bike.  Move over snow...'cause this boy says his bike as snow tires!

 Puppet Show...
 Me and Carson on a date.  Out of every option I gave him...indoor play place, movies...and he chose bikes in the park.  The COLD park.  So him.  Then we did McDonalds afterward. 
 Lots of crazy games with these two!

 This is Carson in the middle of an aisle at Shopko...reading a book.  He read lots while I shopped a little.  Is this really the same two year old that NEVER stopped running??  I have my doubts.

 Our New Year's Eve consisted of dinner at Mongolian BBQ, games, yummy treats, Sparkling Apple Cider of course...all wrapped up by 8pm.  Shane made it to 10:30pm.  We are old!
And a few Christmas stragglers that I stole from Nan and also from Shane. :)

 Pajama Par-Tay!!!!

Whew!  Feels good to be caught up...even though it's jumbled!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Tale of the Boy Van
Carson loves cars.  Nothing new.  He spy's "Loving Family Minivan" at the store.  Likes it.  Wants it.  Bad.  Stuck.
Mom gently explains that...well...it's pink...and made for probably girls and Barbies.
Little Boy replies simply that he doesn't want the Barbies.  Just the Van.
Little Boy asks Santa for a "Boy Van."
Santa searches high and low with no luck.  What is Santa left to do than to get busy and make it happen?  He and his Elves did just that.  


 Christmas morning was magical for Little Boy & his (not so perfect) custom Boy Van.
Whoever said that a dog is man's best friend obviously hasn't witnessed my boy and his van.  

Monday, January 14, 2013


We had a great Christmas season full of magic and love.  Carson and Cade were so fun this year and made it extra special for us.  They loved it all...the decorations, lights, music, movies, books, treats, cocoa, and gifts.
This year we had Elves that sent this letter to the boys and then visited them every night for 12 days.  It was so FUN.  All day they would anticipate their arrival and would squeal when they heard the knock at the door.  We would open our door and could hear bells ringing and a little gift would be waiting for them each night.  Pure MAGIC I tell you!  They were super fun things like wooden helicopters to build, painting kits, paper airplanes kits, license plates for their bikes, puzzles, magic tricks, Buzz and Woody figurines, toothbrushes...and then on the last night they brought a little figurine of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus with a letter explaining the true meaning of Christmas and the gifts we can give to Jesus.  
If that wasn't enough, we had another family do "The 12 Days of Christmas" for us.  We are spoiled...and...maybe people are feeling really bad for us or something?!  Regardless, it made our month so very special.  We STILL don't know who either of these families are!!!  KILLS ME.  I hate to think that I see them all of the time and can't thank them.  We even set up a hidden camera one night.  It was too dark to catch anything.  We felt so much love and are so grateful for the good people that we get to share our lives with.  We are so very, very blessed.
Our very crude attempts at Gingerbread Houses.  Art is not our forte!
Lots of holiday music.  Tonya asked for a little help with her Studio Christmas Recital.  We played Duet Fantasy on Deck the Halls by Vandall.  So fun!  I also accompanied our Ward Choir for our Christmas program as well as played a special number for our Relief Society Christmas dinner.  Lots of music to keep me busy and my soul full!
I LOVE this picture of Carson and Cade with Tyler.  Tyler is one of our favorites.  He is a senior in high school and he and his family are so good to us.  He was watching the boys while I was teaching his younger brother piano.  I could hear him reading and had to get a picture.  How many high school boys do this?  Not many.  We love the Langfords!  He was reading one of our Christmas books to them...A Christmas Train by Thomas S. Monson.  This was a special book in our home this year.  We read a book every night the last 12 days leading up to Christmas.  I love this tradition and so did my family. 
On the Sunday before Christmas we attended our Sacrament Meeting, I played for the program, and then we got in our PACKED truck and got on the road to Twin.  We made it in time to attend another meeting.  My dad had asked Shane's parents if they would be the Sacrament speakers in his Ward that Sunday.  It was fun for us to be with all of our parents in church that afternoon.  That evening we had our Tucker Christmas starting with a delicious prime rib dinner.  Afterwards we all went over to Phil and Brooke's where the little ones acted out the Nativity Scene.  Then it was time for our annual Garbage Can Game and gift exchange.  All the kiddos were PUMPED!!!  It was so so fun.  Love my In-Law Fam!

I have to include this picture of my Dad with Tom and Annette.  He felt extra festive in Lauren's snazzy blazer from the D.I. :)
Christmas Eve and Day was spent with my whole family.  This is always such a special time and I can't really put into words how much I love being with my family.  Unfortunately, I really dropped the ball in the picture department and only got a few.
Here's all the cousins getting ready to open their Christmas Eve jammies. 
Jammies...check.  All lined up ready to listen to Grandpa's crazy reading of the Pajama Parade Official Rules.  Oh boy.  Caleb-Man was so fun and silly and loved putting on a little show for everyone.
I'm pretty sure he takes after his Dad.  Aaron likes to do that too. :)
 After a yummy meal, the pajama parade, reading of the nativity from the scriptures, singing around the piano, and putting out reindeer food and milk and cookies, the boys all went to bed.  Never before have they been so exited to sleep!
 I don't have a SINGLE picture from Christmas morning.  Sad.  But it was wonderful.  The boys all did so great being together and were happy, happy.  Cade got his Woody and Carson got his boy Minivan (more on that later!).  Carson kept saying, "Mom I just can't believe it!"  Being a Mom is the greatest.