Monday, January 21, 2013


Tale of the Boy Van
Carson loves cars.  Nothing new.  He spy's "Loving Family Minivan" at the store.  Likes it.  Wants it.  Bad.  Stuck.
Mom gently explains's pink...and made for probably girls and Barbies.
Little Boy replies simply that he doesn't want the Barbies.  Just the Van.
Little Boy asks Santa for a "Boy Van."
Santa searches high and low with no luck.  What is Santa left to do than to get busy and make it happen?  He and his Elves did just that.  


 Christmas morning was magical for Little Boy & his (not so perfect) custom Boy Van.
Whoever said that a dog is man's best friend obviously hasn't witnessed my boy and his van.  


MariePhotographie said...

Wow, Amy. You are a rockstar mom! Nice work, lady. :)

Justin and JoLyn said...

Love it! Just love it!

John and Anna said...

Hahahahah... I love it!

RGL said...

Great work on that van. The real MAN VAN is a bit pricey on Amazon anyway!

Ashley and Dave said...

Ha. Love this.

Desarae Fowler said...

hahahaha its awesome!! I'm pretty impressed with it :) other than the pink detailing of course.