Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tucker Turkey

It was a Happy Thanksgiving for the Tucker Clan.  We started in Twin for Thanksgiving day and then the following day we all drove to Salt Lake for the weekend.  We went to Temple Square, the Children's Discovery Center at the Gateway, City Creek, and Willard Bay.  It was such a great weekend for our family.  Cade and Carson both said their favorite part was staying in a hotel.  Easy to please those two! 
Before heading to the Tucker home, the boys watched as Grandma Lori washed and prepped her turkey.  They were not impressed and thought it was super gross...well...and it is! 
Garage transformed into a game room.  Getting creative! 

 After our yummy dinner, we all got out and walked the canyon rim and Perrine Bridge.  It was such a beautiful day.

Our family brick at the I.B. Perrine Memorial

Jeremy and Debbie heading out for some Black Friday shopping!
Our version of "50 Shades of Gray" :)
Now...onto Salt Lake!

This one made me laugh!

Love this one of Brooke and Lydia


 Boys got to see Santa at Willard.  He was great with them and they just ate it up!  He even told them to pull his beard to see if it was real, which they did of course...and then laughed like crazy.  It was fun.  Cade asked for a Woody doll with a real string and Carson asked for a boy mini-van.  Nice.

This was taken on our Willard horse drawn carriage ride to see the lights.  Too bad it is blurry 'cause man...look at that resemblance!!!

 The ONLY pictures I got at the Discovery Center.  I dropped the ball on that one!  Guess we'll have to go again...
And this one of Lydia is just too cute not to share!
Lots and lots and lots to be thankful for!