Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Littles

 Still determined to bike.  Move over snow...'cause this boy says his bike as snow tires!

 Puppet Show...
 Me and Carson on a date.  Out of every option I gave him...indoor play place, movies...and he chose bikes in the park.  The COLD park.  So him.  Then we did McDonalds afterward. 
 Lots of crazy games with these two!

 This is Carson in the middle of an aisle at Shopko...reading a book.  He read lots while I shopped a little.  Is this really the same two year old that NEVER stopped running??  I have my doubts.

 Our New Year's Eve consisted of dinner at Mongolian BBQ, games, yummy treats, Sparkling Apple Cider of course...all wrapped up by 8pm.  Shane made it to 10:30pm.  We are old!
And a few Christmas stragglers that I stole from Nan and also from Shane. :)

 Pajama Par-Tay!!!!

Whew!  Feels good to be caught up...even though it's jumbled!


The McGary's said...

Your boys have so much personality. I love it!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Fun fun memories :-) Great pics!