Thursday, December 29, 2011

This Boy's Got STyLe!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Man this is a fun month! We have been busy busy...wrapping presents and putting them under the tree. The boys went shopping with Shane during my piano night and came home and excitedly told me where they went and what they bought...for me of course. It was cute.

We have been watching Christmas movies and singing Christmas songs. They have been introduced to the original Rudolph and Frosty movies. Have you watched those recently?? Holy ancient!!! The abominable snowman is a sight to see! Anyway, they love them and now know very well the classic stories and songs that go with them. I used to quickly pass over these particular songs when they came on the radio and now I quickly turn them up and squeal with delight alongside my boys! Life really is more fun through the eyes of a child. It is especially cute to listen to the boys sing "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" as they drive their hot rods.

We have been baking! 116 cookies to be exact. We delivered lots of "Merry Kissmases." I knew this would be fun but I didn't anticipate how much C & C would enjoy it. It was like Trick-or-Treating all over again. They couldn't run up to each house fast enough...and fought over who would get to knock and ring the door bells. They would loudly exclaim "Merry Christmas" as each door opened. What a great family activity. We finished off the night at "Papa Joe's Pizza." LOVE that place. The pizza was divine and the cottage atmosphere was complete as our seats were right in front of the fire place. We came home, drank some eggnog and called it a night.

And of course we made another gingerbread train. The boys consumed loads of sugar and love admiring their work.

We leave in exactly one week to start our journey to the south. We will have a Mississippi Christmas this year and cannot wait. It has been tricky getting Christmas on a plane but we are ready! We have not seen Tom & Annette for almost 2 years. Our visit is well over-due. Just spending time with them will be my most favorite gift.
Merry Christmas!!!

Horseshoe Bend Train Ride

Thanksgiving 2011

Shane's been playing!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Garden aGlow

The night at the Idaho Botanical Garden was beautiful, fun with friends, and really super cold! Thank goodness they had unlimited hot chocolate and we took advantage of that. The train display was by far the highlight (surprise, surprise). It was a wonderful way to kick off the month of December!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Picture Time

I bought a cheapo photo session with JC Penneys off of Groupon with low expectations. I decided to go with a classic more dressy look...knowing it would work well with the studio setting. I was pleasantly surprised with how the boys did. The man (who made me a little worried at first) ended up being the BEST photographer we've ever had, as far as interacting with the kids and getting them to smile. He had them giggling like crazy. Shane and I exchanged our surprised looks and then let him know that he was Gooood! That was one Groupon that was worth every penny!

These are just scans of the the quality isn't the best...but you get the gist.

This one is telling of their size difference. Crazy, right? Such handsome big boys.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Am I Four Today?

The question I've been hearing for many, many weeks. "Mom, am I 4 today?" The day FINALLY came and my kids turned 4 years old. Whew! Made it! And boy did we par-tay. A little too much if you ask me. This year I was feeling grateful I only have one BIG birthday to conquer.
The partying started in Twin Falls at Grandma's house. We had a little pre-birthday-and-thanksgiving party. It was especially fun to have my Grandma Chandler there with us. She is the sweetest ever and always remembers all of her 50 Great-Grandchildren's birthday. Seriously. I want to be like her when I grow up!!!
We also loved having Chan-Man with us. He is hilarious and always makes things more fun. He wanted to show how old he was too.

Classic Chandler face. :)
After Thanksgiving we headed back to Boise in time to catch the Polar Express!!! The boys have been saving their pennies and filled their piggy banks in hopes to buy their train tickets. Between the two of them they saved $25.00. Not bad, eh?! They were out-of-control excited to get on that train!
It left out of Horseshoe Bend and went over the river and through the Santa's North Pole we go! Literally. The ride was so beautiful.

This picture is of Carson as we were waiting in line to talk with Santa. His latest favorite is to act like "a Fred Meyer guy" or "a McDonald's guy." He was ready and waiting to take everyone's order.

They each told Santa that they wanted a train for Christmas. And they aren't referring to a wooden Thomas the Train. They want an actual train. "A big one Mom." Santa may not pull through this year. :)
And of course...what's a fun trip without some tears. Too much of a good thing isn't always a good thing. That's what having kids has taught me. Having fun is fun...but having order and rules and sleep is!
And now the actual BIRTHDAY.
We now have a horse...thanks to the Scout Auction. I'm trying to be happy about. :) No...he's darling. He's just big. Our house doesn't do BIG very well. He might be a temporary family member. Craigslist just might be calling his name. No really though. He made the birthday so, so fun. He was such a great surprise for the boys. We got him for a good price and for a good cause. He just better behave or he's gettin' the boot.
My sweet friend Stephanie was the cherry on top. She has got major cake skills and was kind to make a cake for the boys...yet again. Carson wanted a puppy cake and Cade wanted every cake on the planet and then would change his mind and want something different. He finally settled on a firetruck and then she added two Dalmatian puppies (complete with little hats). Perfect. Both boys were satisfied.
We ended their big day with close friends & family. Cute little of our bestest friends. It. Was. Crazy! But we did it. Carson and Cade felt special and loved...and the Mom is alive and well enough to blog about it!

I can't tell you enough how grateful I am for my 2 sons. They are our little miracles. I read a beautiful article in this month's Ensign by President Henry B. Eyring entitled "The Choice to be Grateful." He shares an experience about having the opportunity to give a blessing to a pre-mature baby. He explains that, "More than giving a blessing, I received the blessing myself of a more grateful heart." He continues, "I gave thanks on the way home for blessings to my children that I could see more clearly were miracles of kindness from God and good people around them." He put to words so much of what I've been feeling..."gratitude for the miracles of kindness from God." My boys are exactly that. Though I am not a perfect Mother, and quite honestly...struggle in my role, I try to be grateful everyday for the two miracles in my life. They are full of light and help me everyday to become better...the person I truly want to be.
I love them to the moon and back.