Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Holiness Give Me

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Time

A few weeks ago we were able to get out into the mountains and do a little sledding. The boys loved the entire day and so did we...seeing how the boys were absolutely helpless in the snow and stayed right where we wanted! To prove how great our day was, Carson's gloves didn't come off ONE time. Yep...that good. Here are a few pictures taken.

Here's some good news from today. Cade decided today that he was done with diapers. What?!? I mean, this kid has been seriously attached to the soggy pee carriers so this is a big deal! :)
He went all day in undies without an accident. Saawweet! Let's hope he doesn't change his mind.
Our fearless leader!

Yesterday, out of nowhere, the boys started calling me Amy Jo. It lasted all day.
"Hey Amy Jo, c'n I has chichen?" (chicken nuggets)
"Hi Amy Jo, watcha doin'?"
"Umm, Amy Jo, les go to du store."
It felt funny. But it was so super cute. They haven't done it since...just that one day. Weird.

Looking into the fort. Daddy and the boys built a pretty mean snow fort, around an already existing tee-pee structure. It was a huge hit.
Entrance to the fort.

Dress-Up...kind of...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Project I Did Forever Ago

Remember when Shane and I went to McCall to celebrate our Anniversary? I do! That was back in August. While we were there, we hit up a few garage of our favorite things to do. I found something I couldn't walk away from. Well actually, I did walk away from it and couldn't stop thinking about it. So I made Shane take me back in hopes that my treasure would still be there. I walked away with an awesome wood window pane, not quite sure what I would do with it.

It was a worn white and super dirty. I almost hung it "as-is" in our bedroom, but then I came up with a better idea. I've been needing a way to display our family pictures. There just aren't enough small picture frames to go around for all the pictures I'd like to display...especially current family pictures. So I decided to run with that idea. I cleaned up the window and replaced one piece of glass that was broken ($2). I decided on red. Sanded it, painted, sanded again, and then antiqued it with a mocha colored glaze. Then I put the pictures in. It's been done for months. Once the holidays were over and the holiday decor put away, I was ready to put it in it's place. It's new home is on the wall above our kitchen table. I'm so excited about it.

I'm so pleased with how it turned out, especially since it cost a total of $12. I feel like it looks a little bare on that wall...I need to put some other things with it.
One step at a time.