Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Time

A few weeks ago we were able to get out into the mountains and do a little sledding. The boys loved the entire day and so did we...seeing how the boys were absolutely helpless in the snow and stayed right where we wanted! To prove how great our day was, Carson's gloves didn't come off ONE time. Yep...that good. Here are a few pictures taken.

Here's some good news from today. Cade decided today that he was done with diapers. What?!? I mean, this kid has been seriously attached to the soggy pee carriers so this is a big deal! :)
He went all day in undies without an accident. Saawweet! Let's hope he doesn't change his mind.
Our fearless leader!

Yesterday, out of nowhere, the boys started calling me Amy Jo. It lasted all day.
"Hey Amy Jo, c'n I has chichen?" (chicken nuggets)
"Hi Amy Jo, watcha doin'?"
"Umm, Amy Jo, les go to du store."
It felt funny. But it was so super cute. They haven't done it since...just that one day. Weird.

Looking into the fort. Daddy and the boys built a pretty mean snow fort, around an already existing tee-pee structure. It was a huge hit.
Entrance to the fort.


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

So proud of you guys for braving the snow :-) Looks like a fun day!

julie said...

You are so pretty. What is up with that? You're supposed to have stringy wet hair and you know...not be pretty. Like how I'm lecturing you for looking good? Jealousy manifests itself strangely sometimes.

des said...

haha I had a few things to say but read Julie's comment first- and now all I can think of is how right she is. Those pictures are gorgeous of you sledding and your shiny hair :) you are beautiful.
I love that Cade is in undies. what a big boy and maybe he can help me in persuading a certain someone.
The picture looks great!! I think that is an awesome find and you fixed it up really fun. can't wait to see the whole room!!

Amy, Steve and Preston said...

Cute pics and LOVE that they were calling you Amy Jo! How cute is that??

Chaco said...

Looks like fun. We would love to have gone with you guys!