Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Bike Riding

Don't you love their "Bronco Pants"?!?! They were adamant about wearing them and I finally gave in.

Today we headed to the church (Bronco pants and all) to their first primary activity. They loved it and did awesome. They went on a treasure hunt and got to take their shot at cracking the pinata...which brought shame to Shane when he saw their sad attempts. Okay, so maybe they aren't exactly super coordinated!!! We don't have balls or bats or hoops or get the our house. Shane assured me that this would soon be changing!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Big Cousins!

Meet Brexon! How cute is he?!?! Can't believe he's already going on 2 months. The boys LOVE him and are always commenting on how "cute" and "nice" he is. They were got giddy when we asked if they wanted to hold him. Brexon, however, wasn't as keen on the idea.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday Brownies

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Good-Bye Nursery

Hello PRIMARY!!! Can you believe I have two Sunbeams? Yeah, me neither. It just doesn't seem right. Despite our denial and plan to hold them back, we've taken the plunge. Last week was their first week. Let me mention that on top of being young sunbeams, we are now in church from 1-4pm. These two still nap so you can see how this is a double wamy. I am the chorister in primary so I get to sit and watch these two the entire time! I was worried about it but the last two weeks have gone well and I have thoroughly enjoyed being with them. These two are just so completely different. In fact, both weeks they have chosen to sit on exact opposite ends of their row...Cade on the end near the middle and Carson on the end nearest the door (plotting his escape).

Carson is a ball of energy and can't for the life of him sit on his chair for more than one minute (bless is heart!). He's happy & pleasant...just beyond busy. His latest favorite is jumping. He has pretty much replaced walking with jumping. So, just picture Carson jumping his way around the primary room! He also loves to say "hi" to me...over and over and over again. The teachers are so good with him, his energy is contagious, and he is just handsome as can be.

Cade is doll and makes your heart melt. He sits front and center and is extremely eager to participate. His hand is raised the entire time waiting to be called on, and he tries to have an ongoing conversation with the person who is conducting and teaching. He also looks for me, gives me a goofy grin and a big thumbs-up sign. It's becoming our little thing. Just cute!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Highlights and Lowlights

I can't fully move myself in to the year 2011 without some closure to 2010. And also because I can't seem to come out of the Christmas coma. Really, I've been eating chocolate all day, every day and have multiple projects starring me in the face BEGGING me to give them some attention. Putting one foot in front of the other just makes me tired so I just sit right back down. At this rate, I'll be lucky to get my Christmas tree taken down in time for Easter.

HIGHLIGHTS: Shane and I were looking back at the year and commented to each other about how 2010 was a year full of blessings for our family. Here are just a few of them.

  • Shane turned 30. We had a one night getaway in downtown Boise. We were kept up all night long due to a faulty fire alarm at the hotel. Besides that, it was awesome!
  • Year one at The Amalgamated Sugar Factory was completed. They are a great company and are treating us well.
  • We were able to take our little family on a plane to spend some time with our Mississippi family. Spending a week with Tom and Annette in the mission home was something we will always remember. I don't feel like I can even begin to tell you how blessed we are because of their service. As a family, we have been stregenthed and our testimonies have grown. They are now at their half-way mark.
  • I had a year of risk-taking in the home improvement department. Taking black paint to your kitchen cabinets seems crazy! It was crazy. I learned a lot from that little project. And let me just say...they look awesome!!! So awesome, in fact, that I didn't stop there. All the remaining cabinets in our house also got a face-lift and are equal in awesomeness.
  • Most of my spring, summer, and fall were spent garage-saling and craigslisting and boy did it pay off!
  • Shane and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I think it was our best anniversary celebration yet. Shane surprised me with a weekend trip to a cabin in McCall. That trip was just what we needed. I think this weekend will remain a top favorite for a long, long time.
  • Carson is potty trained. Not poop trained, but I'm still happy that the potty part is taken care of.
  • IN 2010, SHANE PASSED THE FREAKING CPA EXAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You better believe we framed his certificate and proudly hung it in his office. Shane R. Tucker, Certified Public Accountant. Music to my ears.
  • Shane and I attended our first Broadway Show together...LION KING.
  • My babies turned 3! I'm still feeling awful proud of myself for keeping them both alive for another year. So far, age 3 is treating us well. Just when I think they can't get any cuter, they do.
  • This year, more specifically, in the last 3 months, we have been reminded of the power and love of family. The gratitude that we feel towards our loved ones is immense. Our hearts are deeply touched and the blessings we have received through them are many. We know that the Lords often blesses us through other people. That has certainly been the case.


  • Carson still waits and poops in his diaper, before or after sleep time. He's gone in the potty a number of times but he's just not consistent. Super frustrating. It's like I'm 1/2 way done but not.
  • Cade still isn't potty (or poop) trained. When you ask him to wear undies and go on the big boy potty, he politely replies, " fanks." I don't see the end in sight and feel like I'll be potty training for the rest of my life, at least until their future wives can take over! :)
  • Getting this year's value assessment on our home was, well, depressing. Sad day for us. I love our home, but thinking about being upside down in it makes the love fade! We'll be fine and it's not like I'm eager to leave. It's just small...tight family quarters. I'm grateful for our home, I just wish it's value would stop plummeting. Is that too much to ask???

Starting fresh is always exciting (even though I have yet to really start...remember...Christmas coma and chocolate). Even still, I am looking forward to the coming year, come what may.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Purge: Part ThREe!

It's game time! We aren't really game people. As in, when we get together, it isn't our tradition to sit around a table and play games. This year, I thought it would be fun to branch out a little and plan a little game night. So I did just that...but not with board games. Have you watched our heard of Minute To Win It?!?! It's a game full of random, quirky challenges that guarantee laughter. This is the game we played the evening of Christmas. Here's just a peek at a few of the challenges we did.

The first was called Face the Cookie. Put a cookie on your forehead and try to get it into your mouth without using your hands...only your face.

Dillon and Lauren started us off. No success.
Lindsay & Natalie took their turn next. I tell you what, I had no idea Lindsay had such determination! She didn't care what it took...she was going to get that cookie. We were all in tears from laughing by the time she actually did it. Go Lindsay!
They both lost their cookies.
I wish we would have kept the flash on for these pictures...they are a little dark. But look closely, because they are awesome.
Natalie was so funny. She just got the giggles and could hardly keep herself together! Seeing her lose it makes everyone else lose it too.
Lindsay trying to keep her balance to avoid dropping her cookie!

Awesome! She did it.

This was a little engineering challenge for Wynn and Aaron. Wynn won this one fair and square.
This next challenge is called Tortilla Head. Using a flipper, flip a tortilla into the air and catch it on a plate attached to the top of your head. Mom and Aaron did this one. Mom was so funny. First of all, like always, she was wearing a dress. But it didn't stop her. She flipped that tortilla like a crazy person! She's got more muscle than she realized. I think she got the tortilla to hit the top of her giant vaulted ceilings multiple times. She was also overcome with the giggles.

Getting ready.
Aaron, like Lindsay, was determined to complete this task. I'm not sure how many times it took him but was persistent and conquered.

It's hard to keep your eye on the tortilla in these pictures, but Aaron's face in all of them is hilarious.
This last challenge (that you get to see pictures of) is called Magic Carpet. Using a towel or bathmat, make your way on the floor around an optical course. And as you can guess, no hands allowed.
Lauren brought it and made pretty good time. Her arm movement was Olympic-like. Nice work Lauren!
She had to make her way around this rocking bear and back to her original starting point.

She made the corner look easy.
Then Nan took a turn. Again...lots of giggles...not to mention a pregnant belly to work around. And she gave Lauren a run for her money. Yay Nan!!!

I also have a short video of the Elephant Walk. Put a baseball in the bottom of pantyhose or tights. Put the tights on your head and use your "trunk" to knock down specified water bottles. This was one of the best challenges. Almost everyone took a turn. Dad was the first to go...and he's the one we got on video. It doesn't do him justice but you get the idea. Enjoy!

This was so much fun. You should do it with your families too. We did a lot of different challenges and laughed until our bellies couldn't handle it anymore. Thanks to the fam for humoring me and for being willing to branch out for a game night!

We had a great Sunday in Twin before heading back home. I'm sad that Christmas is over. All the anticipation...gone. I've had a hard time picking up the pieces and getting back into real life. But I'm trying to stay positive, even though we are now in a pretty depressing month. I'm feeling motivated about the few resolutions I've set and am looking forward to 2011. I think it's going to be a good year.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Purge: Part TwO!

Christmas Day was wonderful. Lots of smiles. We were a little worried that all the little boys sharing their toys and fighting but they did so much than anticipated. They shared. They played their little hearts out. I wish we all lived closer so that these cousins could play together more often. It's an awesome boys club.

We didn't take hardly any pictures of Christmas morning. Mostly video...but I know that you already know what Christmas morning looks like. :)

I spent the entire day in my pjs. Lots of yummy food. Lots of chocolate. Just the way we like it.

The men made some pretty sweet tracks. This particular design is a tri-level. A train-lover's heaven.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Purge: Part OnE!

Time to get some holiday festivities documented. I'm already feeling way behind on life. Not a good way to start the new year. But I'm here and making progress.

Let's start with Christmas Eve. This is no small event at the Chandler home. Quite the opposite. This year was especially exciting. We would have the entire family together, which is seeming harder and harder to make happen as the family grows. Comments were made about this possibly being the last time we are all together for Christmas...for awhile at least, so we were determined to make it memorable. On top of that, my Grandparents decided to make the drive to be with us on Christmas. What a bonus! It's been 9 years since that's happened. On top of that we had my cousin Jenny and her family with us for Christmas Eve. They always add spice to the group and we love spending time with them. On top of that, Jenny's parent's Gord and Carol rang the doorbell, made a surprise entrance, and joined the party! It was a night of never-ending excitement. All the little boys are at such a fun age and made things extra magical. Have I made my point clear? Have I sold you yet? Yes...our Christmas Eve was the best! :)

Each of the gals were pampered by Lauren. She curled everyone's hair after giving us all foot rubs and pedicures the night before. And I love this true to character. Lauren was on the end bringing it for the camera thinking that we were all doing the same, and we had no clue what was happening on her end. Love that girl! And take note of Nan's cute baby bump. Yay for boy #3!!!

A few of the men right before dinner. Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner is home made soup in a bread bowl. It was heavenly. I love bread!
Pretty ladies

We ended up having a surprise special visitor. All the boys just stood there wide-eyed when they saw the big, red man.
Cade played with Grandpa's train almost the entire time, but seeing Santa got him to stop for a few minutes.

Santa had special packages for everyone to be opened that night. Can anyone guess what they were? Yep. PJs.

Cade again told Santa about his love for trains.

Carson didn't tell him much but was excited about his present.

Wesley was so cute. He loudly and confidently told Santa he wanted a pillow. This was the first time his parents heard this part of his Christmas list. So funny!

Lauren taking her turn. She told Santa to bring her a boyfriend. To her disappointment, she's still waiting... :)

Mom and the big man. Her gift made everyone jammies...leopard print!

Part of the crew after everyone had taken their turn.

After everyone opened their jammies, the rules of the pajama parade (aka our excuse to spaz out and dance like crazy people) were pulled out to be read by Dad. Oh yes...there are rules. Lots of them. It really gets more out of control every year. It was a site to see. Carson & Cade both loved it this year and really got into it. Carson just jumped for like 20 minutes straight...not kidding. I guess dancing and jumping are pretty much the same thing! Christmas just wouldn't be the same without our parade.

This video is right after the parade was finished. don't get to see the really good stuff. That requires actual real-time presence! Anyway, I like this video because you get to see my mom's & Aaron's jammies. And Carson jumping.

After the parade, we spent time around the piano singing Christmas carols. Lauren sang the song she learned for her Christmas voice recital and we even got to hear Mom and Grandma play the classic "Sleigh Ride" piano duet. It was the perfect way to wind down and feel the Spirit.

Little boys go to bed and then the stocking competition starts. Yes...the night continues! If you want to know more, I'll explain this funny traditional competition in person. This year, Aaron & Nan took 1st place. Lauren and I were 1st and 2nd runners-up.
Trying to get a picture of this year's winners.
And finally, Santa made his real visit!