Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Purge: Part OnE!

Time to get some holiday festivities documented. I'm already feeling way behind on life. Not a good way to start the new year. But I'm here and making progress.

Let's start with Christmas Eve. This is no small event at the Chandler home. Quite the opposite. This year was especially exciting. We would have the entire family together, which is seeming harder and harder to make happen as the family grows. Comments were made about this possibly being the last time we are all together for Christmas...for awhile at least, so we were determined to make it memorable. On top of that, my Grandparents decided to make the drive to be with us on Christmas. What a bonus! It's been 9 years since that's happened. On top of that we had my cousin Jenny and her family with us for Christmas Eve. They always add spice to the group and we love spending time with them. On top of that, Jenny's parent's Gord and Carol rang the doorbell, made a surprise entrance, and joined the party! It was a night of never-ending excitement. All the little boys are at such a fun age and made things extra magical. Have I made my point clear? Have I sold you yet? Yes...our Christmas Eve was the best! :)

Each of the gals were pampered by Lauren. She curled everyone's hair after giving us all foot rubs and pedicures the night before. And I love this true to character. Lauren was on the end bringing it for the camera thinking that we were all doing the same, and we had no clue what was happening on her end. Love that girl! And take note of Nan's cute baby bump. Yay for boy #3!!!

A few of the men right before dinner. Our traditional Christmas Eve dinner is home made soup in a bread bowl. It was heavenly. I love bread!
Pretty ladies

We ended up having a surprise special visitor. All the boys just stood there wide-eyed when they saw the big, red man.
Cade played with Grandpa's train almost the entire time, but seeing Santa got him to stop for a few minutes.

Santa had special packages for everyone to be opened that night. Can anyone guess what they were? Yep. PJs.

Cade again told Santa about his love for trains.

Carson didn't tell him much but was excited about his present.

Wesley was so cute. He loudly and confidently told Santa he wanted a pillow. This was the first time his parents heard this part of his Christmas list. So funny!

Lauren taking her turn. She told Santa to bring her a boyfriend. To her disappointment, she's still waiting... :)

Mom and the big man. Her gift made everyone jammies...leopard print!

Part of the crew after everyone had taken their turn.

After everyone opened their jammies, the rules of the pajama parade (aka our excuse to spaz out and dance like crazy people) were pulled out to be read by Dad. Oh yes...there are rules. Lots of them. It really gets more out of control every year. It was a site to see. Carson & Cade both loved it this year and really got into it. Carson just jumped for like 20 minutes straight...not kidding. I guess dancing and jumping are pretty much the same thing! Christmas just wouldn't be the same without our parade.

This video is right after the parade was finished. don't get to see the really good stuff. That requires actual real-time presence! Anyway, I like this video because you get to see my mom's & Aaron's jammies. And Carson jumping.

After the parade, we spent time around the piano singing Christmas carols. Lauren sang the song she learned for her Christmas voice recital and we even got to hear Mom and Grandma play the classic "Sleigh Ride" piano duet. It was the perfect way to wind down and feel the Spirit.

Little boys go to bed and then the stocking competition starts. Yes...the night continues! If you want to know more, I'll explain this funny traditional competition in person. This year, Aaron & Nan took 1st place. Lauren and I were 1st and 2nd runners-up.
Trying to get a picture of this year's winners.
And finally, Santa made his real visit!


Justin and JoLyn said...

So fun to see and read about your Christmas Eve!! Looks like a blast! Grandma told me all about it--and talked on and on about how pretty you are! We spent Christmas Eve with The Chandlers when McKenna was one... and we have the PJ parade on video. It is so hysterical!! John's dance is the best... Yours is pretty great too! I'll have to send it to you sometime.... when I figure out how to do that! Your family is so fun! I love the footie jammies! Aaron sounds exactly like Eric--so weird! And I want to know what the stocking competition is!