Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fun To Be FIVE

Boys had a birthday, shout HURRAY!!!!  They had been waiting, and waiting, and waiting....and it finally came (way back in November)!!!  We celebrated all week long.  Starting with too many presents.
 NEW BIKES (and helmets of course)!!!  I bought these bikes at a consignment shop second hand.  They were in great shape and couldn't have been more perfect.  I've only had friends storing them for a year. :)

Carson and Cade went to preschool on their special day, sharing the day as VIP's.  Once Dad got home we took them out for their birthday dinner.  They chose Chick-Fil-A.  It was such a fun day.
Then we waited a few days before their 1st real Birthday Party.
We did a Toy Story theme...more specifically...Buzz and Woody.  I rented out our clubhouse (best decision ever!) and happily welcomed all 12 kiddos.
 We started out with washable Buzz and Woody tattoos and then played Musical Chairs set to "You've Got a Friend in Me."  It was a hit.
Then we played pin the Sheriff Star on Woody...or...Lazer Badge on Buzz.

 This was so funny.  Look where Cade is trying to put his star.
Ahh...that's better!


Love where Carson's ended up...


Time for CAKE!!!

What would we do without our Cake Genius Stephanie?!  One thing is for sure, she has set the bar way too high!  So amazing!
 After cake and ice cream, we pulled out our Buzz Lightyear Pinata.  It went smashingly.  And the kids were more than eager to sit and eat their candy while the Birthday Boys opened, again, way too many presents.  
I'd say our first real friend party was a success.  Many thanks to my lovely assistant Shane.  He so was awesome.  Pretty darn sure we won't be doing this every year.  I told Carson and Cade that they would need to remember this party for another 5 years!   
 Cute 5-year-olds.  Still can't believe it.


Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Still can't believe they are 5, feels like yesterday we were sitting in your hospital room eating yogurt :-). Looks like a great party....emery still talks about it! Good job!
Love you guys!