Monday, June 4, 2012

Fathers and sons x 2

Sad fact. I have not attended a Fathers and Sons campout in Boise prior to this year. I took our boys to one in TF two years ago. I'm not sure what happened last year. In the spirit of making up for lost time, we squeezed in two Fathers and Sons campouts this year. Our stake had an activity a few weeks ago, but we called an audible and camped at Huszar's place. We had a great time and even slept a little. This past weekend was our ward activity which I attended with our boys. We had a great time and got to test out our new tent. We ended up having some rain, lightning and thunder in the evening which added to the overall experience. Mom really likes it when we go camping.  

Muddy buddies

Do they make seat belts for camp chairs? I'd buy some restraints if they're available.

Here's the new tent. We pitched it without the rain fly since it was such a clear sky. I got to put the fly up at 12:30 when rain drops woke me up. We stayed dry after the fly went on.