Friday, June 27, 2008

What's New at 7 Months???

Time to document a few more things for the boys. I know I'll forget these little things down the road. The boys turn 7 months today! Crazy, crazy. They are constantly learning and discovering new things and it is so fun to watch them go through the process. So, here's what's new.


  • He's a little grunting/squealing boy...or should I say...pig? He seriously sounds like a baby pig. It's like his new laugh. It is hilarious.
  • Is finally showing some interest in the idea of rolling. 7 month old baby WILL NOT roll! He just doesn't want to. I've been working with him for MONTHS forcing him to do it. Up until now, he hasn't EVER tried to do it on his own. The last few days, I've caught him trying to roll over to his tummy on his own. He can't quite do it but he's dang close. I'm just happy to see that he is actually trying!
  • Has more control over his hands and has stopped scratching himself! He only does it when he gets super tired, but it has improved immensely. His face is no longer constantly beat up! Woo Hoo!!!
  • Has almost mastered the art of sitting up. Because he's more physically sedentary, he has an easier time sitting up. He will still topple over to the sides if he's not careful but he's improved quite a bit in the last month.
  • Is on the move...boy is he on the move! He is such a squirmy little man. He just can't seem to sit still for a second. He is doing all he physically can to crawl...gets up on all fours but then gets frustrated and doesn't know what to do.
  • Scoots on his back like a little inchworm. During church, he'll scoot himself down the entire isle.
  • Has found his vocal chords! He's always been a little more quiet than Carson...still is. But in the last month, his talking has greatly increased. He has such a cute little voice and is trying out new sounds everyday.
  • Loves to laugh. He is so easy to make giggle. He laughs at the most random never know when it's going to start.
For both Carson & Cade:
  • LOVE anything you give them to eat. Neither of them are picky and eat whatever I give them. Good little eaters!
  • Still are taking 3 naps a day. They are getting close to dropping that 3rd quick snooze but aren't quite there. They are also still sleeping 10 hours at night. I'm pretty spoiled!
  • LOVE the water. They have swimming quite a few times now and seem to really like it. They have never once fussed over it. It has been lots of fun.
  • Are still loving their little feet. They don't suck on them but play with them non-stop.
  • They have discovered each other. They are been starring at one another for awhile now but they recently have been smiling more at each other. It is SO cute. You have to watch them closely though...they start scratching each other's eyes out rather quickly. They can't play too close to each other unless you have a constant eye on them! Otherwise, one of them will end up in tears.
What's new for the Mom:
  • Re-reading the "Twilight" series, getting geared up for the new book in August!!!
  • Changing LOTS of smelly diapers.
  • Trying to lose those extra pounds. Okay...not on a "diet" per say but trying to eat healthier and cook healthier all around. I've got some bad habits that NEED to be broken.
  • Spending too much time blogging...what's new!
  • In need of a haircut...hopefully in July!
  • Very into "So You Think You Can Dance!"
  • Loving Carrie Underwood's latest album "Carnival Ride"
  • Changing MORE stinky diapers...LOTS of diapers!
What's new for the Dad:
  • Just got notice of his promotion at work!!! Way to go honey buns...SO proud of you!!!
  • Working, working, working...gotta keep up with those added/new responsibilities with work. Working so that Mom can be at home...Mom is SO grateful!
  • Trying to learn Photo Shop. Has gotten into video editing and spends lots of his extra time, if any, playing with a few different programs.
  • Also changing LOTS of diapers!!! Helps TONS with his boys while he is home.
  • Supporting his wifey in her attempt to eat and cook healthier! Taking sack lunches to work willingly!!!:)
  • Continues to be the best Hubby and Daddy a family could ask for. Is greatly appreciated by his wife and kiddies!
I think that's all. As I continue to watch them grow and develop, I am trying to do better at appreciating the little things. We have so much to be grateful for. I love being a mother and love my little family. I'm trying to enjoy these last few moments before they are both on the move. The fun is only just beginning. Chasing two around I'm sure will keep me on my toes and it is right around the corner.:)


julie said...

I am obsessed with "So You think you Can Dance," Don't they do some of the coolest dances ever? Who are your favorites? Any predictions? The last 2 years I've been right in picking the winner, so we'll see this year.

The Van Noys said...

10 hours a night! Isn't it so much easier when you get sleep!

Carrie Underwood is coming to perform in the civiv center just up the road from me...I don't really know her songs very much but I thought it would be fun to go see her but I need a girlfriend to come with me...wanna come down to Mississippi and come with me!!?!? ;)

Your boys are so cute and I love reading about your happenings!

The McGary's said...

where has the time gone, your boys are 7 months!! I love the pictures of them together, I think twins would be fun just being able to watch them interact with eachother.

Carrie Underwood is my favorite. If you ever get the opportunity to go to her concert you will not be dissappointed.

Good luck with your healthy eating, oh the joys.

Jonathan & Bree said...

I cant believe how big your boys are, time goes way to fast. they are so cute