Thursday, June 5, 2008

Picture Day

So, we ventured out the other night to get the boys' 6 month pictures done. Our last attempt at 3 months didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped so I was hoping for a smoother run this time. I prepped the boys for about a week. We all know how Carson likes to give himself battle scares so he has been sporting fuzzy socks for the past week or so. I've also been doctoring Cade's face. He's had this dry spot on his upper lip for quite some time now. It doesn't ever seem to heal because of the constant slobber that covers it. So I've been faithful at keeping it dry and moisturized. It wasn't completely gone but I knew that I couldn't keep Carson's face scratchless much longer. I decided to make my move and get them done. So strategic...who knew planning pictures could be so complex??? When we strolled them in, they had huge bibs on to catch any unexpected spit up and Carson was still sporting his socks. I was not about to let him ruin all my hard work!!! Needless to say, they looked like...they had a super paranoid Mom. It was game time and the boys were ready. They were happy and looking cuter than ever. We started the photo session with the two of them together. The picture lady, bless her heart, was all excited to get to smile...maybe a little too excited. Cade tends to be sensitive to sudden noise in his face. It didn't take but 5 seconds to have that little boy in tears...I mean, big crocodile tears. It was like she scared him and he didn't know what to think and just cried. This couldn't happen!!! After all of my preparation, this couldn't happen! did. I would take Cade, get him all happy again and then set him down for another attempt. More tears. So, this first picture was the best one that we got with the two of them together. I have to be honest...I LOVE it! It's classic and just sums up the experience. To my surprise, we did get some cute pictures of both of them individually and overall, I was very pleased. It was just funny when it all came crashing down. No matter how hard I try, I just can't control EVERYTHING! Bummer!!!

Their little personalities are so cute. Cade, who is most often the most calm and easy going at home clams up in public. Carson can be a handful and super high-maintenance at home but is the biggest charmer in public. Did he have problems taking pictures...of course not!!! It is just funny to watch them both in action. Here are the results from our 6 month picture day.

Need I say more?!??

Carson's individual. How cute are his little hands? The slobber all over his chin is a nice touch as well!!!

We were able to sneak a smile or two out of Cade amisdt the tears. I was pleasantly surprised. I think it turned out super cute!

I know I'm super biased but I think my boys are pretty darn handsome. To add to their cuteness, they also have some dynamite personalities! What more can a Mom ask for?!??


chris, amanda, alexa, and chloe said...

they look so different from eachother. i know you have always thought that but the older they get the more i notice. those pictures are fun. they are so cute! love ya, amanda

The Whipples said...

Way cute! The fist is my favorite! Every kid has one of those. I agree your boys are very cute.

Jaran and Claire said...

cute pictures! wow, they're growing so much! It's crazy how different they are too. Glad their 6 month went well!

The Van Noys said...

oh so cute!! I love Cade's crying face!! It is too cute. the pictures turned out well!! I can't believe they are 6 months already!!

The McGary's said...

wow, you really had your game plan down. I love it I was laughing through the whole thing. Isn't it funny how you think you are prepared and then some crazy thing happens. We just recently had Hunter's pictures taken and he is always super smiley. he is a drooler so he was wearing a different outfit, so I changed him and fed him and thought alright nothing should cause him to not perform perfect. Was I wrong!! I forgot it was noon and he wanted a nap!!! Luckily he had a couple turn out before he was in an uproar and nothing was calming him down, and I only have one:)

Their pics turned out so cute and they just seem like such sweet boys with quite the personality.

Nan & Aaron said...

They are so adorable! I can't wait to kiss their little faces (hopefully in August)! You're such a great mommy.

Kyle and Cara said...

Cute pics and most of all you will love the memories of your experience. They smiled great in their single pictures and have beautiful scratchless/soreless faces. Props to you Amy.