Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We Hate Shots!

Today our boys went in to see the Doctor for their 4 month check up. I still can't believe they are already 4 months old. The visit included the dreaded immunization shots...hate them and as you can see, Carson hates them too! Despite a little crying, they are doing super. The doc was very pleased with their growth and progress. They are both right on track on the growth curve...still a little small for their age but are right where they need to be.

Carson has passed up Cade big time. So funny to watch just because he was smaller for so long. He is about 2 inches longer and weighs a little more than a pound more. Here are his stats:

Height: 24.5 inches
Weight: 13 pounds
Head Circum: 40.3

Way to go Carson!!!

Cade is just a little thing. He's got short, little, skinny legs...surprise, surprise! He is still right on track and the doctor has no concerns. They are two different babies with different genetics. It will be fun to watch them continue to grow. I'm sure they'll become more and more different with age. Here are Cade's stats:

Height: 23 inches
Weight: 11 pounds 14 ounces
Head Circum: 40.8

Good job Cade...Mommy is proud!

These are just a few pictures to point out their little differences!

Carson's tummy is bigger, arms are bigger, legs are chunky..er! Yep, he's pretty much bigger all around! Carson is on the left.
Again, Carson is on the left. And for those of you who haven't seen it...Carson does have a little hernia on his belly button but it is closing up more and more everyday. The doctor was really pleased with how much that has improved. Poor little boys. I'm totally exposing them to the whole world!

We've been blessed with the cutest little boys. I'm so proud to be their mother. They make me want to be better each day and have made our home so much fun. We love being parents and we love having twins. We can't imagine only having one of them. We feel so blessed to have them both. It brings along a lot of challenges but the fun and blessings that have come far out-weigh the challenges. Life is good!


jomamma said...

Amy! your twins are so cute.. how exciting. i found your blog on bree crandalls it was great to read about your little boys... what are you up to these days?

Mann Land said...

Amy! Your little boys are adorable! I can't believe Little Amy Jo had twins!! They'll grow up and be bigger than there mama:) Did it take some time to know which one is which? Or do you just "know"?

Jaran and Claire said...

Wow, Carson totally is bigger, that's crazy how different they are!! How fun! you guys are amazing. Since we've had Carter I've thought of you a lot doing it with 2 babies, and that would be tough...but it is totally worth it :)

Nate, Des Sydney & Jack said...

they are so cute! I like your new blog makeover too!

J&CWalker said...

Hi Amy,
We love your blog! Caprice is a twin and she really wants twins so we enjoy the pictures and stories. Keep in touch!

Lara said...

SHOTS= BRU. TAL. So sad. I love the cuddle time afterwards though.
Your boys are getting so big and cuter all the time. Love it.