Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Look at this child's face. Do we have a cat? Nope. He seems to get into scratching wars with his hands and fingers. Does is get any worse than this? I can't seem to stop it. I am trimming his nails constantly but he still gets himself almost everyday. He scratches when he's mad, while he sleeps, when he's tired, and when he nurses. It's a little out of control and drives me crazy. You'll find this little boy with socks on his hands quite often. When will he grow out of it? Any tips or advice on this one?

Happy Baby Carson!

Carson loves his little saucer. He's just barely big enough for it. Cade isn't quite there yet. I put a blanket in with him so that he wasn't so wobbly. He still is kind of a bobble head, but he's getting better! I can tell that this is going to be a good little toy!

Cade absolutely loves being on his tummy, which is weird. Most babies don't seem to like it. I get some good smiles and cute faces from him while he plays on his tummy. Here are a few of them.

How sweet is that smile?!

Just hanging out...about to roll over!


julie said...

I applaud your honesty. The other day I actually said out loud, "I'm so sick of being a mom!" A part of me just wants to go back to life when it was all about ME!" I also call my mom all the time. But as hard as it is, you are doing fabulously and you are passing with flying colors. It's nice to read though and know that I'm not the only one that wants to tear my hair out sometimes.

The Van Noys said...

Just so you know...we all feel exactly the same way..whether we say it or not.

Carter went through the scratching faze too and he always looked beat up. It didn't last very long from what I can remember, once he gains more control of his arms and hands it will stop because I am sure he doesn't like the way it feels either!!;) They are cuties!!Oh...and the fact that you are still breastfeeding TWINS after 4 months is enough to win you an you are doing just fine!

Jessica said...

Cade's cheeks are to die for!

ashley said...

I really enjoyed reading made me feel like "Phew, I am not the only one out there!" Sometimes I feel like everyone around me is all "parenthood is so wonderful and blah", and dont get me wrong I really do love it but sometimes I feel like I am going to scratch my own eyes out because it is so hard! I applaud you for being able to handle two- I would have died long ago if I had a Kinsey duplicate at her side- thinking about that makes me almost weep. I can't believe that you are nursing both of them! Your boobs are probably huge! Haha!

Giggles said...

Amy...I found your blog and I think it adorable! It fun to catch up with other people through blogs. I'm sure that it must be a whirlwind to have twins! I have two little girls that are 17 mo. apart and it can get crazy. I love them but you are is a lot of work. It's especially difficult when they are both crying at once...just like you said. Well, I thought I would just say hello.

Stephanie (Hansen) Hobbs