Friday, April 11, 2008

Getting Caught Up!

I've posted more than normal this week, but I needed to get all caught up with my pictures. Granted, I take quite a few but I just can't help it! This should bring me least for a few more days! Bundled for their walk. I found a couple little hats that actually fit this time!

Cade looks so sad in this picture. He actually was being a pretty happy boy. I put little socks on their hands to keep them warm.
The boys got cute little Winnie the Pooh outfits from Grandma Lori for Easter and I just happened to have a little Pooh hat that is adorable. Carson was so cute, I had to take some pictures!


The Perry's said...

Hello!! I love your pictures. There ARE a ton, but that's ok. I love that Carson is smiley and Cade is serious. We are thinking of naming our boy Carson too and use Jace as the middle name. We're not copying, I promise. Jace told me Carson's middle name is Shane and that's a funny coincidence. Anyways we added you to our very short list (compared to you) of friends. And to respond to Shane's comment, Jace really does not wear the pants. Anyway, Amy you look GREAT!! We'll talk to you later.

Nan & Aaron said...

Don't ever worry about posting too many pictures. I LOVE THEM!! And since we don't get to see the boys very often it helps us feel somewhat connected. I'm still REALLY jealous that Aaron gets to see you all in 2 weeks. No Fair! Love and miss you like crazy!

Aub, B and Addi said...

those to are getting really big! I can't decide who they look like though.. a good mix but alot of shane. They really are so cute, I bet you guys are so happy! what a long, hard road to these precious little guys!

Marie and Will said...

You do such a great job with your blog! I can't believe how fast your boys are growing. Simply adorable!