Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Conference Weekend

Taking an afternoon snooze with Cade. Watching all that conference is exhausting!!!
Carson loves his Daddy and thinks he's pretty funny. I love these pictures.
Look how smart our son is...he already knows how to sign "I Love You!"

We spent Sunday morning with our friends Jason & Christy. They made such a yummy breakfast before the morning session. It was nice to spend some down time with them...we don't get to enough. This is Jason with Carson.
Jason & Christy live up in Wilderness Ranch...they pretty much own their own mountain! It is absolutely beautiful. This the the view outside their kitchen...to die for!!!


Nan & Aaron said...

Oh my word! Your boys are so adorable!! And they are blessed with an awesome mommy and daddy. I'm really jealous Aaron gets to see all of you in two weeks! It's just not fair. I wish money grew of trees so Dillon and I could come too.

Jason, Amanda & Brayden said...

When did they get so big???! Whoa! I was so sad I didn't get to see you a couple weekends ago...we were going to go up for Halle's sealing, but we all got sick....pretty disappointing. Hopefully we'll see you this weekend at Kyle's party??
love ya