Monday, May 5, 2008

Shorts & Sandals Comin' Right Up!

What can I say...these boys are super excited about the warm, sunny weather we had this weekend. It was oh so nice. We spent a lot of time outside and the boys loved it. Today I dressed them in their cute shorts and fun little sandals. We had a fun day enjoying the warmth. I just couldn't get over how cute they looked. I couldn't resist a little photo shoot!
L: Carson, R: Cade (for those of you who still get them mixed up!)

They are getting snug in the chair when I sit them together...I can't believe how big they are getting!

Baby Cade. I think he looks pretty dang cute in yellow!

He's such a sweet little boy

Here's our Carson-Man! He gives such big grins...I love it!

He's still gagging himself often as he tries to stuff both his hands down his throat. He'll learn one of these days!!!


Jaran and Claire said...

love their chubby thighs! Isn't it funny that we get so excited to dress our babies in new clothes...even more than ourselves?At least, I am that way.

Matt & Ali said...

Amy your boys are darling...quick question is Carson always the smiley one??? I mean Cade is oh so cute too, he just seems a little bit on the shy side

The Van Noys said...

Look at your smiley boys!!! Soooo cute!! I want to smooch them!!

(and thanks for the super nice comment on my blog! you made my day!!)

Kevin & Kara said...

So adorable! They look so much older in their cute outfits!

The McGary's said...

yeah for warm weather, it's about time!! What sweet boys, you are a great mom.

Kristin, Jeff, and Michael said...

ok everytime i look at your blog I have to go and get Jeff and show him because your boys are SO adorable! They are getting so big! And so smiley! Cade reminds me of Michael when he was younger. He was always more serious...always thinking about something. And Carson seems like a goofball! They are both too cute!

millerandbrandi said...

WOW Amy...they are growing! What cute boys they are and soooo happy! Happy Mother's Day!!!

Marie and Will said...

Oh, Amy! They are just the cutest! I love their smiles. They look like such happy boys! And send some warm weather this way, will ya!?