Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our Week in Review

So this week the temperatures outside drastically shot up. We've had weather in the 90s...which I love but was a little unprepared for. I took the boys out for a walk in our little umbrella stroller and I think we all almost died of heatstroke. I put sunscreen on the boys but they still got a little pink. I was paranoid the whole time about their little heads getting burned...they don't have a lot of coverage on top so you can understand my concern. So, the next day I went out to find them some hats to help them out. I found these cute little denim ones...I LOVE them! I'm not sure if they'll keep them on. I also got them little sunglasses but they are a little big. Hopefully they work for the summer. We also finally purchased a double jogger/bike trailor. We have been shopping for one for quite some time and just haven't pulled the trigger. We did today and then took them out in it for a trial run. We are super happy with our purchase. We went for a walk and a picnic with some friends and enjoyed the weather. It made a good end to our busy week. L: Carson, R: Cade

Cade trying out his new hat for the first time...looking pretty good!

Larger picture of our new jogger/bike trailor. I'm excited to get out on my bike. Hopefully they like it. Gosh, they are just so cute. I love pictures of the two of them together. I love that they have a built-in buddy all of the time!!!

Daddy and Carson both sporting their hats. How cute are they?!

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Carson. I just can't get over the little darn cute!

Anyone want some carrots??? Don't they look yummy!? He actually did get most of it in his mouth!:)

He can't quite sit up on his own but he sure felt like a big boy sitting on the couch! Gotta love that happy face!

Happy, happy Cade enjoying a little tummy time!

Posing perfect for a picture. He was just out of the bath and was looking too cute.

Just can't get enough of his contagious smile!


jonesfamily said...

k how the heck do you get so many darn cute pictures of them smiling?

Julie said...

Cade and Carson are too stinking cute! I can't believe how big they are getting!

Jaran and Claire said...

I am finally able to tell your boys apart now, crazy how different they look from each other. We got a double bike trailer/jogger too, and I got a new bike for Mother's Day! So I'm excited for Carter to get big enough to go in it with Addy. It'll be fun!
Cute blog background by the way!

Lara said...

THOSE HATS!!!!! And them in that jogging stroller! Man, if I saw them on the street I'd turn around and follow them just to watch. They are amazing.

millerandbrandi said...

They seem soooooo happy all of the are one lucky mama! They are both adorable Amy...aren't you loving being a Mom?!?! Oh...and they look very handsome in their little hats...I love how they match!

jonesfamily said...

thanks for your help with my blog!