Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Wait is Over. Luke is home!

All the nephews waiting for their Uncle Lukie. The plane had landed but he wasn't out quite yet. They were all so cute waiting at the doors. We had shirts made for them in honor of our missionary. On the front read, "Welcome Home Uncle Lukie!" Chevy truck in the middle (if you know Luke then you know why) and then underneath said, "I Like Trucks!" The backs had their names and ages. They all looked so darn cute.

Cade showing off his shirt..."Where's Luke?"

There he is!!!! We all couldn't help but to scream.

Is this not the sweetest picture?

Love little Wesley in this picture.

Cade giving hugs.
Carson saying hello.

Alright...they both said hi...and were done. They got down and both took off running in different directions. Without a husband, it was crazy. My cousin Jenny left her kids home sleeping and came without her hubby to help out...she was awesome.
Lins and Chandler taking their turn!

Cool-Dude Cade

Jenny and her buddy! Which reminds me...Jenny, I still owe you.

Luke and his childhood friend, Wyatt.

Luke & Lauren

Wynn & Chanman

Jenny resorted to this after the initial greetings had taken place and all the little ones were showing their true colors(Luke's plane got in to Twin at 11:00 pm, making it difficult with all the little boys). She ran the boys around while a few others chased them...only in the Twin Falls airport, right?! Oh, have I already mentioned that Jenny is a Saint?!

Chandler boys

I love this one...true character at work!

The missionary with all of his nephews. I think he was seriously overwhelmed with all of them at first...who wouldn't be?!

Parents and ALL the kids.

The whole fam, except for Shane (boo!).

Everyone that was at the airport at MIDNIGHT!
(I love Julianna down in front on the her!)
We are so happy to have Luke home.


Nan and Aaron said...

That funny pose of Aaron's with your dad and Luke, was him showing off his HEIGHT!!!

Jenete said...

Congrats on Luke being home...We will miss him in the Ward it was nice having Luke over for dinner with Elder Bishop and Elder Pope...Jeff and I found his companions names funny. BTW if he doesn't know Daniel's family got baptized last weekend. Jeff is especially happy to have the boys in YM and Scouts they are a great family and your brother did a lot of great work teaching them the gospel:)

Carol said...

I loved seeing these pictures! Have to admit they brought a few tears to my eyes. (Someday when it's your little guys coming off the planes and back home, you'll understand those tears.) Love all of you and hope you have a fun summer with everyone home! Oh, the T-shirts for the boys are awesome! I'm glad Jenny was able to come and help -- she really does love being in T.F. around your family.

Justin and JoLyn said...

These pictures were so fun to see! The boys' T-shirts are so cute!!

jenny said...

Ummm...I'm sorry, was this post about Luke or your totally awesome cousin?! Because I think you talked about her like 10 times too many! In fact, I'm pretty sure she shouldn't have been mentioned at all. We're family...that's what we do!! Glad I could be there (for Luke and for you)!

des said...

I LOVE those pics, probably because I love those moments. so exciting!! those little boys shirts are awesome :) I don't think I realized that you guys have so many boys!! (on both sides right) crazy. so cute.

So I have heard the help is awesome, and want to ready it. If you have it I might have to borrow it...or maybe you can point me in the direction of the library. haha. I need so much help.

Claire said...

what neat pictures! What a cute fam you have! How fun to have your baby brother home

John and Anna said...

That's so exciting! All the pictures made me excited for my own brother to come back! And that's so crazy he was serving in Jenete and Jeff's ward. That's awesome!