Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Time

Most of us were able to hang around in T.F. the week Luke got home. It is always so fun to spend time with my siblings, and it is extra fun now that the cousins are old enough to really enjoy playing too. I wish we could do it more often.

Luke quickly got back to doing something that he always loved...mowing the lawn! My Dad was especially appreciative. He tries to mow like Luke...but his lines just aren't quite the same!

"Ashes, Ashes, we all..."
"Fall DOWN!" (we did this probably 50 times)
As always, lots of fun to be had on the trampoline.

We actually had great weather while we were all there, so we stayed outside and soaked it in.

Dillon & Cade were joined at the hip. They have a common love...TRAINS. Dillon was so sweet to him and showed him all he knew about said subject. Cade's little obsession has increased since our time with Dillon.
Getting the car loaded. To my surprise, my dad was completely adamant that he take each and every boy to "Fathers & Sons." The women thought he was crazy (which he was) but we caved and sent them on their way. They didn't stay the night (what a nightmare they would have had). They had icky food,went swimming, and had a great time.
This is the crew all ready to go! Shane left work on Friday and met them there to help out. The girls enjoyed a night out. We went to "Letters to Juliet." We were home in time to greet our tired men! All the little boys were missing Chandler, but he was busy buying a fun new house, so we don't feel that bad for him!