Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Part II: Flying Up High in the Airplane...

First time flying with the boys. I was a nervous wreck.

Ready. Set. TAKE-OFF!
We were lucky enough to have screens on the backs of all the seats. The boys were happy to wear their earphones and watch SpongeBob (another first). All so new and exciting.

Everything started out well. Despite the fact that everyone seated around us groaned just a little as we sat close to them, we were all content and well behaved. Because of bad weather, our flight was re-routed during the flight to avoid some of the storms. It added time to our flight, but the boys were champs. They loved their new books, games, and movies. But most of all, they loved the Starbursts (yet another first!). We (and I mean mostly Carson) ate an entire bag. Worked like a charm!
Then we hit our lay-over. It was supposed to be and hour and a half, which is completely do-able. Did I mention the bad weather? and by bad weather I mean the tornados!? We were lucky that our next flight wasn't completely cancelled but it was 4 hours. Cade tried to keep his eyes open but eventually caved. He slept in the noisy airport for about 2 hours...thank you Cade! Carson fought long and hard and never gave in. I walked the Atlanta airport with him for nearly 3 hours. And for how tired he was, he did awesome. Happy and content as long as we kept exploring.
We finally made it on our final, and short, flight into Jackson.
After a long 13 hours, WE MADE IT!!!
Long day but the boys did awesome, and I was so proud of them. And seeing them with their Grandparents was totally worth it.


Katy said...

yay!! So glad everything went well! Whew... sounds like the layover went ok.
have fun!

Claire said...

Wow, good job making it to SLC without movies :) I guess it helps when they nap. Wow 13 hours! That's SO long!! Glad you survived! That's how long our trip back from Hawaii was and the whole time I was thinking, "I'm so glad our kids aren't here." So, good job!! Hope you had a fun trip!