Monday, May 31, 2010

Carson Randoms.

This is "dress-up" in our home. The boys love to put on their monkey tails. Carson especially loves to jump around and act like a monkey while he wears it. Always makes me laugh.
Carson is my little shadow. When we are home, he follows me around non-stop (funny, or not, how it's the complete opposite when we are outside). He absolutely hates it when I go into a different room without him. He instantly runs after me yelling, "Mommy, Mommy WAIT!" Most of the time, I feel like I'm tripping over him all day long. Getting anything done is basically non-existent until he is in bed. Speaking of bed. We are having a rough go with him and his bed these days. The fact that he has to stay in his bed, or at least in his room, makes him a little crazy. Shane has spent lots of nights on the floor next to him. It has been such a battle that I know won't be over for a long time. Hence the reason Cade will be in his crib until he's 15.
Anyway, I really do love getting down on the floor and playing with him. He is a smart little boy, is the cutest thing ever when he has your full attention, and never ceases to surprise me when he can answer all my questions about shapes, colors, numbers, abc's, ect. correctly.

Where's Carson? See the bottom of his monkey tail?

"I stuck!" He manages to get himself into crazy predicaments all of the time.

I already mentioned Carson following me around and not being a fan of being alone. This also applies to Cade's time-outs. I sit with my boys during their time-out/let's-get-happy-again moments. Carson comes with us. He's not about to be left out of something...even if it is an unpleasant something! And the funniest thing is that during Cade's unhappiness, Carson tries to give him hugs and kisses the whole time. Cade's response leads you to believe that these might be the thoughts going through his head, "Dude, get out of my FACE already! Can't you see this is MY time-out? Go get your own!"

Stellar jammies, Dad's shoes, and "Big, Sexy Hair". Yep, ready for the day.

I take it back...these shoes are much more fitting.

Another one of his tricky situations.
Shane likes to refer to Carson as our Golden Retriever puppy. He has lots and lots and lots and lots of energy. He has a need to run. And if you don't provide him the opportunity to do so, he will make your life miserable and destroy your house. Does that sound terrible? Because it is sort of right on. Did I ever mention that he escaped from nursery...TWICE?! Ya, and one of those times, they didn't get to him until he was through the foyer, out the door, and attempting to get into somebody's car. I think that now the nursery leaders (bless their hearts) believe me when I tell them that he has an internal alarm that sounds the second that any doors open. And his response time is fast! During our time with my family, my brother Aaron called him "Prison Break." Fitting. The place that he currently is, is not the place that he wants to be. Does that make any sense? It's like he's on a mission to NOWHERE! If there is a destination, we have yet to find it. Someday. Maybe.
From what I've heard, if trained, Golden Retrievers can turn out to be the best dogs ever!!!

He's figured out the fridge lock. Dang. If you can't find Carson...go check the fridge. He's usually there.

So proud of himself!
Carson truly lights up our home. He is so full of love and always willing to share it. Especially in the last month or so, he has been such a lover boy. He literally gives 50 kisses a day. He follows me around kissing my legs, my feet, my bum. When I sit down he climbs up and gives me kisses on my hands, my arms, chest, ears, hair, and certainly on my lips! EVERYWHERE. And then he proceeds to go through the same process with his dad when he gets home from work. This will be good information to provide to his future wife! We love his love.
Carson is constantly reminding us to put every outside distraction away (ex. phone, TV, computer) and focus on what's right there in front of us. He is a family man and loves interacting with people. When we are all playing together, he is a happy boy.
I'm grateful that I get to call him mine.


Amber said...

what a fun cute boy!!! i loved this post. sometimes it's healthy to list all the things that we love about our children (or maybe just for me?) when they are driving us crazy (or maybe just my kids do that too??) :)

Stephanie said...

Amy, You have such cute little boys, and I love to read what they do! Carson is a doll!! Hopefully we'll get some summer weather, and they can both go outside and climb on the jungle gyms and not the high chairs. :)

The McGary's said...

I was laughing reading this! He would be so fun to watch. Love the fridge pics, actually I like them all. You have your hands full:)

Amy, Steve and Preston said...

Your crazy boys are the cutest!! Makes me feel like I'm seeing Preston in a year! So fun!

Ashley said...

You have your hands full with that one. Good thing he is cute, right? My mind was starting to picture is just beginning...I think I have one of those golden retrievers. (sigh)