Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Part IV: Jackson Zoo

On our second day in Jackson we headed to the zoo. We were excited to do something with Tom & Annette that they hadn't done yet. We got the address, and went on our way. It just wasn't in the direction we thought it would be. We ended up driving through kind of a (okay really) scary part of town and we just kept thinking...are we sure we're going the right way...maybe we should turn around! And there it was in the middle of the scariness. It was actually a really nice zoo and compared to the Boise zoo it was AWESOME!!! And the weather again was perfect. Another one of "those" pictures. I'm sorry. I try really hard to resist making this face whenever the camera gets in front of my face, but every time I try to appear "cool" it doesn't seem to work out for me. This is just easier!
And one for blue-eyed Shane.

They were supposed to be looking at the alligators but they weren't too interested.

Cade needed a break from the sitting...and he loves to push strollers so he felt special all while stretching those little legs!

First time with live elephants! Very cool.

Mmm...yummy branches!
Hi rhino!
Sorry about only having half a head Shane.
To A & T, thank you for risking your life (the drive there), all just to provide a fun day for us!


Janelle Dobson said...

Honestly, Boise has the lamest zoo ever- I see more animals in my parent's back yard. Glad you had such a fun time. We love our zoo. We go there at least twice a week (We got a membership for it since its nearby, so its like the only entertainment we can afford in Chicago.)