Friday, February 29, 2008

My Favorite Things!

So I'm following the strand of Favorite Things posts. I was one of the lucky winneres of Brandi's favorite things, so now it's my turn! Woo Hoo! First I'm going to list my favorite things, and let you leave a comment. In your comment say which of these things you'd like if you win. Then I'll print out the comments and put them in a hat and draw the winning name. I'll contact you and find out where you want it shipped, etc, etc. Then you'll get to continue the fun. Get it? This is really fun, so don't be afraid to participate.


melinda! said...

Congrats on winning Brandi's contest. I'm not gunna lie...a fossil wallet was calling my name. I'm pretty bummed I didn't win. :) I do love Paul Mitchell hairspray though, and I never buy it for myself. Maybe I'll be a bit more lucky with your drawing.
PS-You are welcome to check out my blog at:

Tom said...

We think that your favorite things are the Twins, so if they are up for dibs sign us up.