Sunday, March 2, 2008

The new bottles

These bottles were suggested to us by another mother of multiples. We tried them for the first time last night. It's pretty funny to watch. Enjoy.


melinda! said...

I knew a mom with twins who use those bottles. They are pretty funny to watch :), but they're such a good idea! I can imagine they'd come in so handy on road trips.

Katy said...

Chelsey uses these! She swears by them. I will def. give them a try with my ONE child if I bottle feed. I will just count Lucy as the multiple :)

jenny said...

Heather actually had one of these with Hunter, it was so cute! In fact, Collin got it has a hand-me-down, and I loved it.

I am sure they will get the hang of it and fall in love with them ;)

You are doing such an amazing job. It was so fun to see you last month!!

Ashley said...

I have heard of is so funny to actually see one though, it looks like you need to tape it to his mouth...obviously kidding. Kinsey would never keep in her binkie when she was little so Dave and I always joked about taping it to her mouth, which we might of if it wasnt for the whole suffication thing.