Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Cade taking a snooze. It looks like he was perfectly posed for a picture but this was just how I found him.
Doesn't Cade look like a big boy?!
Shane is determined to make these boys to be buddies...do you think it's working? Don't they look like they like each other?!

We ventured out with the boys...so we needed to get them nice and cozy. They wore their little personalized beanies. Last time they wore them they were too big on them....not so much now! They filled them right out and probably won't get to wear them much longer. They looked super cute.
The basketball game was just too much for Carson!
Carson really wanted to take a snooze right before bed time, so I was trying to keep him awake a little longer. He had his pacifier in his mouth which I removed to wake him up. He showed me...he first found his left thumb. I pulled that out and minutes later he found his right thumb. He was determined to go to sleep no matter what I tried to do!

The boys were hanging out bright-eyed in their diapers waiting for their baths.
Their baths were just too much for them. They got clean, warm, and cozy...and took a good long nap! They were pretty cute.


julie said...

I love these pictures!!! So cute...both of them! Phew! Hahah!

Nan & Aaron said...

They are sooo adorable! And they are growing so fast. It was so fun to talk to you today Amy. I love talking "mommy stuff" and am happy to do it any time. Love you!


The Van Noys said...

Great Pictures!! I can't believe how much the boys have filled out and chunked up! They are adorable!!

Will&Marie said...

They are just the cutest! I love the one of them in bed. I can't believe how much they've filled out and grown. Crazy!

Jaran and Claire said...

Cute Cute!! I love the picture of Cade sleeping. His cheeks look chubby and cute! And that is hilarious how Carson founds his thumbs!!

Stephanie said...

Amy, I love the thumb-sucking pictures!! :) So cute!

Paula said...

They are growing so fast. What cuties! You look really happy, kids are great huh?