Monday, February 4, 2008

Cade & Carson looking cute in their blessing outfits. Judy Call made the beautiful white blankets. They were perfect!
Mom with Cade and Dad with Carson.
How cute are they?!?
Great Grandma Chandler with Carson. We were so grateful to have her there with us on our special day.
Cade is pretty photogenic. He just sits there all posed cute forever!
Carson had just woken up and had a hard time keeping those eyes open!

Aunt Lauren with Carson.

Aunt Lindsay and Grandma Lori with Cade.

We loved having everyone there! It was such a fun day. Thanks to everyone!!!


Jason & Dana said...

I love the picture of you two holding the boys up close, it looks like Carson has a pot belly!! How CUTE!! We really need to see you guys. We might be going to Cascade Pres Day weekend, and if we do we have to figure out a time to see them! (and their parents..haha :)

CwazyLawa said...

They look so pure in their little outfits and you look BEAUTIFUL!

The Van Noys said...

I love they are looking so chubby and happy! Love baby chub! Their outfits are so cute and isn't Judy Call amazing! Love the blankets!

Greg and Gwen said...

Hey Amy, this is Gwen...remember me??? (Carriage House, Lynda's Niece..any of that ringing a bell?) I must be a huge blog stalker because I have no idea how I came across you blog, but I did...and I'm so happy I did!!! What a sweet and adorable little family you have. I saw your dad a few weeks ago and he gave me the quick update on you guys. I'm so glad everything is going well for you guys. Your boys look great and so do you!!!! If you ever feel like doing a little blog stalking yourself, our blog is