Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Boys!

Last night Cade & Carson graduated to their own room and their own cribs. It was the first time they slept in individual beds...I'm pretty sure they missed each other! They did fairly well...not any worse than normal. It is weird to look at them in their cribs. They look all grown up in them! It was bittersweet to move them out of our room. I really want to get better sleep and hopefully it will happen when I don't hear every little thing. We'll see...it may not make a huge difference. It's fun to see them grow. We are doing well. Things are starting to feel more normal...well a different kind of normal! I took the plunge and ventured out with the two of them by myself yesterday! We even made it back in one piece. I went to the Carters outlet and then into Fred Meyer. I was in and out and made it quick. My confidence is slowly building! I felt like a huge eye-sore with the big double stroller. I tried to act all natural with it even though I felt far from it! It was a fun to get out with them. We are working to get into more of a routine but that is still hit and miss. Any advice on that one? Enjoy the recent pictures.


CwazyLawa said...

Whenever I end up actually getting dressed and going out, all I'm thinking about the whole time is how much I can't wait to be home. I get nervous about RSV and paranoidwhatnotcrapness. You're my hero to do it with 2! They are so cute. Good workins.

Jessica said...

Wow! Amy I'm so proud of you. I have never thought about what it would be like to be out and about all alone with TWO babies!!

I think you're a trooper! One step at a time, right?! They are so cute and you look like you're having a blast with them. What an exciting adventure (and challenge, I'm sure) you get to experience with the two of them each day!

I love the updates - keep the pictures coming! : ) Blessings!

The Van Noys said...

If you are anything like me at all...which you just might not be;)...it makes a HUGE difference to have the baby in the other room. Babies make tons of little gurgles and yips and yaps and they will cry for a minute which can mean absolutely nothing, they wake up little bits throughout the night and can put themselves back to sleep...but more me I heard each and every sound. But with Carter in the other room and I didn't have to hear anything until he let me know he really needed me. Hope you get better sleep!!

As for going out...I don't know if you will ever be able to feel normal...my friend has twin girls and whenever they go out people just stop them all over the place and many stare and coo and want to touch and make a fuss...now she has another set of twins...boys this time...I just can't even imagine. But I am sure it will start to feel normal for you. It is fun to get attention too isn't it?!!?!

Katy said...

i agree with Laura... when I would leave when Lucy was little I just always wanted to go home... and yet... it did me good to get out, it still does. My friends and I got together the other day and made chocolate covered caramels in our comfy clothes,talked and let our kids play and watch shows. Things like that are fun and distracting and worth it, but not so hectic.
Routine? I don't know. I know things felt a little more stable at about 3 months. and even more at 5 months (but I trained Lucy to sleep through the night at 5 months... well, from 8 pm until 5 am... then she would feed and go back to sleep until about 7:30. I have some thoughts on how to get kids to sleep through the night... if you ever are gathering info on that, but I don't really think Lucy could have done it before 5 months. I am HUGE on routine with lucy, and because of that, she now reminds me when we are off by being cranky (or sometimes getting her own blanket and binkie at naptime and coming and telling me "bed". haha... funny, but she is 18 months and that has taken a lot of consistency and repetition on my part. Routine will come, for sure, if you want it and are willing to put in the time (it is my only sanity), but not for awhile... i would guess... but what do I know, I have one kid and I am freaking out about 2... and you already have 2, I should be asking you for advise!

Anonymous said...

Amy your family is so cute. That's great that you got out of the house. Some quick advice. I don't know if your cute boys are sleeping through the night. I had Seanna sleeping through the night by 2 months. This is what I did I put her on a sleeping system. I had her take a morning nap starting at about 10:00 and let her sleep until noon. Feed and played with her until 2:00 the put her down at 2:00 and let her sleep no later than 5:00. She now is down to one nap she goes down at 1:30ish and I have to wake her up at 5:00 everyday. It's great. If I let her sleep later than 5 she wont go to sleep at 8. She now goes to bed at 8 and wakes up around 9. It took her about 3 days to get the hang of it but 3 days is worth the wait to get some great sleep. Just some advice. Good luck.

-The Lock-Smith's

Ashley said...

You will LOVE having them in their own room! I still would check on Kinsey about twice a night until she was about nine months old (I am so overprotective and paranoid) You definatley will get a better night sleep...yipee!