Sunday, February 10, 2008

Miles of smiles

Here's a quick video (low-budget) featuring our now-smiling boys. Enjoy.


millerandbrandi said...

Adorable little smiles! Isn't that the best feeling to see your little baby smile???

millerandbrandi said...

actually babies I mean!

carol.lambert said...

I can't stand it -- so cute! I am excited for Saturday when I can kiss those cuties! You and Shane are doing an awesome job! By the way, I just heard of a couple who just found out they are pregnant with ... triplets! Wow!

Aunt Carol

Katy said...

So cute!

miss diddly said...

Yes, I am stalking you two!! I love the pics of your babies!!!That is so great and you guys make cute parents. have to help me figure out how I can stalk Cara & Kyle better.