Monday, September 10, 2012

This and That

 Morning at the ZOO!  These boys are just too handsome.  That's all there is to it!

So the male lion, or as we like to call him...Mufasa....was extra active.  He was right up against the glass.  Cade got right up to his face, eye level, and had a stare down with him.  If was freaking me out and making me nervous.  I couldn't have looked at him straight in the eye like Cade did.
After a few seconds, he started roaring.  And Cade just laughed like crazy.
After the roaring his suddenly lunged forward and slammed his paw up against the glass.  I might have let out a little scream.  It was scary!  And he just kept doing it over and over again, due to Cade's taunting.  Mufasa finally got fed up with it and got up and walked away.  It was crazy!  Cade said..."oh he was silly and teasing me!"  I replied..."umm...Cade...I'm pretty sure he wanted to eat you!"  Cade just laughed.  It was an exciting zoo day.

 Cade made a "car nest" for his dog.  Looks comfy, don't it!?
 Sopping wet cowboy.
 Shane has been faithfully riding his bike everyday to work.  It is no easy feat but he enjoys it.  He's been putting together the perfect bike.  Since this picture, he has added help on rainy days.  I'm pretty proud of him.
 Our sweet friends gave us this Power Wheels 4-wheeler.  It was given to them and their son had grown out of it.  It's been like Christmas ever since!  These boys get a little crazy on this thing.  Pretty sure I never want them driving an actual car.  Like never ever!!!

 He's just handsome.

 Running with my biker boys.  We keep the perfect pace together.  Lovely!
Life is GOOD!