Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Is this vacation over yet?!  Man.  This happened in July.  It is now September.  I'm pathetic.  BUT...I'm almost there!  AND, because it's taken me extra long to get it all documented, I feel like it just barely happened and that time isn't getting away from me.  I like my happy place!
 So.  Lots happened once we were back on the ship as we made our way back to the States.  Cool stuff.  Like......
 ICE SKATING!!!  I love thinking about the amazing fact that we ice skated in the Caribbean.  You gotta admit, that's pretty cool!
Okay, so we skated.  And we thought we were good.  Until we went to the ice show one evening.  Holy WOW!  It was by far my favorite night of entertainment.  I've never seen and Ice Show.  And this was up close and personal with the real deal.  They were awesome!  I loved it.
Waiting for the show to begin.  Jeremy got a little bored waiting.....catching zzz's wherever you can!
 We had more dinner talk time...

 Katie even got a personal birthday song!!!  They were even on pitch...with vibratos.  I was impressed!

Lots of time to relax.  And take pictures of feet to prove our relaxation. :)
Miniature Golf!
Our ship also had a Flow-Rider.  Basically a stationary wave for body boarding, knee boarding, and upright surfing.  This thing was intense!  The water comes out at major high speeds, allowing you to ride the artificial wave.  We watched a lot of videos online before the cruise and knew we had to try it.  There was a pretty good line to try...for seconds of ride time.  But it was worth the wait.  Pretty cool.
 Phil & Brady body boarding.  They had instructors there to teach and help as best they could.
 Debbie body boarding.  She's got skills and got all fancy...up to her knees like it was nothin'!!!

 We knew she was feeling comfortable and confident when she started making faces and doing this...:)

 I love these pictures!

 And she finally goes down...
 Once you fall, the water is powerful enough to just push you up to the top where you can stand up and get out.
 Jeremy waited patiently to get his chance to ride upright.  If you know Jeremy, you know that he's quiet, patient, and humble.  So when he nonchalantly got on the Flow-Rider and completely OWNED it, we were all ecstatic!  I'm not kidding when I say that he rode it better and longer than almost anyone on the ship the entire week.  And we watched a LOT of hopefuls.  The whole crowd of people cheered him on like crazy.  I'm telling you.  It was amazing.  That thing was HARD and you were lucky to stay up for even a few seconds.  With Jeremy, the instructors finally started to interfere to get him to fall and didn't believe him when he said it was his first time riding.  This was one of the highlights from the trip.  It was so awesome to watch!!!  We have some videos we may try to share later.
This was taken after Shane and I had made our Flow-Riding attempts.
 And of course, we ate more food...

 This picture above makes me laugh.  Brady and Katie went to a class offered in the gym/spa area.  See the title of the class?  "Detox for Health and Weight Loss."  See how many people were there???  Just them.  They cancelled the class!  Go B&K for having good intentions!!!:)

 Trying to be all "Titanic" like...
I think Katie pulled it off!
 So we decided to be brave as a family and signed up to play in the volleyball tournament.  Debbie was pumped, confident, and ready to go (she's a regular volleyball player).  The rest of us put our game faces on, crossed our fingers, and hoped for the best.  And we actually did better than we thought we would.  We WON a game!  Can you believe it?!  So we waited around to play another winning team and then got eliminated at that point in the tournament.  But hey...Team Tucker wasn't so bad!  We think we should go pro.  I'm proud of us for playing.  We were all pleasantly surprised by how much we enjoyed it!!!


Good times on the ship!!!