Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chandler Par-tay!

Aaron and Natalie and Boys made their way to IDAHO!!  Yee-haw!  The party started, for us, in Boise!  They came for a day to play.  Having these cousins together, finally, was the best!  
 Darling Caleb was my little buddy.  He is so sweet.  I miss him.
Sprinklers under the tramp!!
And Red Robin!
Then we went to none other than the Jerome County Fair.  Wow.  It was something!  We went for the dog show.  Thought it would be fun for the boys (yes...only boys in this Fam!).  I wouldn't really call it a show.  It was more like...watching a few kids walk their mutt dogs in a few circles and then yell at their dogs for disobeying.  It was...still fun for the kids!  Mostly because Lauren and Grandma Lori were there.  What more do you really need?!

 We did find a bouncy slide.  Sweet!

 Good to meet you J-Town Fair.  We probably won't be seeing you again anytime soon.  We'll stick with the classy TF County Fair. (no offense Wynn!)
To be continued....