Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Thoughts

  • I finally entered the world of Goodreads.  I know, it's about time!  Be patient with me.  I'm slow to embrace change.  As I went through and rated books and browsed for new reads, I was reminded of my love of books.  And I felt impressed with myself because of how many I have read.  Still momentous for me, as a child and young adult who hated and struggled in this area.  Every month I'm enriched by good books.
  • It is officially Fall in our home!!  In every sense.  The smells, sights, tastes,....touch and sounds of fall???  Okay, maybe not every sense.  But close.  I LOVE this time of year.  Wish it would last longer...most of the year would be nice. 
  • Les Miserable on the 22nd and my Birthday on the 23rd.  Could that be any more perfect?  Well, no.
  • Carson is the VIP (very important person) today at preschool.  I love how excited my kids get, and I relish in the days that they feel special.  Today was also the first day of our carpool.  Simple pleasures.
  • I have started taking piano lessons again from Dr. Del Parkinson (insert the Hallelujah Chorus).  I am so blessed!  It really is awesome and I can't begin to tell you how good it feels.  I'm grateful for my talents and the joy that comes from using them.
  • We planted some trees in our backyard.  Happy Thought indeed.
  • Our Primary Program will be OVER in less than a week!  Yay.  Burden and stress will be gone!
  • I recently re-read this book:                                                                                                               
It is so enlightening.  It has helped me so much strengthen my understanding and testimony of the Temple.  And my most recent visit was so meaningful, thanks to this book. 
  •  We recently scored new glasses, for FREE.  I have some old, thin, black plastic frames with an old RX.  Like...12 years old.  So I decided to try to upgrade them.  They are okay.  Let's just say I'm happy they were free!  They are quite a bit bigger than I'm used to and a little cat-eyed.  I feel obnoxious when I wear them.  And my Dad's reaction to them confirmed my insecurities. :)  I'm back to wearing my old ones most of the time, which is fine.  The Happy Thought?  Shane also got some, which he desperately needed.  And they are stellar!  Success. 
  • Shane's job is going well.  Yippee!
  • I'm still feeling really hopeful regarding adoption.  And I'm proud of how un-anxious and patient we have felt.  Maybe it's because our family of 4 is in such a great place and we are enjoying and living in the "now".  We did receive contact from a potential birth mom.  It happened 3 days before we left on our cruise.  I was a bit of a basket case that week and thought about her non-stop for 2 weeks straight.  She seemed the perfect fit and we were really, really excited.  Unfortunately, she is going with a different family.  It was hard to swallow.  I tried really hard not to feel like I had lost a popularity contest and focused on feeling comfort and peace through the Holy Ghost and prayer.  We are feeling good.  Shane and I are holding onto the excitement we felt as we received contact and moving forward, knowing that what is best for our family will happen, whatever that is.
What are YOUR recent happy thoughts???


Desarae Fowler said...

It's so interesting- after we talked about some stuff in that book...the next week in Sunday school things about the temple were brought up! and I felt like such a smarty pants. haha. like only one or two other people in the room knew what the patriarch was talking about. so cool. I'm going to amazon right now to see if can buy it. too bad we don't have DI's around here like in Utah. I bet you can find it there haha

Emily said...

Are these the new glasses? They must be, right? Because I think they are WAAAAAY cute on you! I love the style. I want some!

Sorry to hear about the adoption thing, but I'm glad to know you are feeling so positive about it, still. I know it is potentially quite the roller coaster. It will happen!

I think I have that book. I'll have to look in my extensive (unread) collection. :)

I just sent you a FB message about this, but maybe I'll see you at Les Mis! :) We will be there for the evening show.

Carrie said...

I love your happy thoughts. You are awesome. We are also going to Lea Mis in Chicago right before my birthday. So excited for Jason to see it. I'm very jealous that you are taking piano lessons. I'm just barely starting to practice again after a really long time. Lessons someday. I love your attitude about the adoption. Yours is an incredible family...you and Shane and the boys and then a beyond stellar extended family. It will be a blessed baby indeed that joins your bunch.

Amber said...

I loved this! And I love your glasses

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Amy, you inspire me in so many ways. I love your faith and positive attitude, you are the best!