Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week in Pictures...and Other Stragglers.

This week was a good one, for the most part (I'm car-less at the moment but I'm not bugged). Here's a little tidbit.

Cade's long hair makes for some extra special bed head. I did my best to give him a haircut. It's not perfect but it looks a little cleaner. Kind of. This boy gave me some good moments today. In church he sat next to me on our bench with his arm extended up as far as it could go, which was just under the top of the bench. He rested his hand on my shoulder for about a FULL half hour. I think he was trying to be grown up and cute like his Dad. He was successful. I gave him a good squeeze and sat content and happy next to my little man. His sweet gesture is a memorable one.
In primary today the kids played a little game involving good choices, bad choices, and Skittles. They pulled a piece of paper out of the bag with a certain scenario listed, which was then read aloud. Depending on the choice, they removed or added a skittle to the jar. It was Cade's turn. He pulled out his piece of paper and instead of handing it to Sister Jones, he turned around and "read" his paper aloud. With great confidence and excitement he said, "It says, you are nice to your broder! I get a skittle!" Yes, he knows how to play the game!
I love being in primary with my boys. I find myself staring at them the whole time...just to watch their every move of participation and interaction. Carson makes his usual rounds with all the teachers. In passing he asks them the color of their cars, if they like to wear seat belts or sit in car seats, the names of their kids, where their houses are, and the color of their eyes. That boy is irresistible. That's all there is to it!!!
I attacked and conquered my pantry this week. The once full shelves above are now empty. Aw. I am on a roll in the organization/de-junking department. Few things bring me more satisfaction than throwing things away. After cleaning it out I would go stare, walk away for a bit, go back, stare some more. That made for a good day.
Primary activity= annual PJ Pancake Party! Michael (pictured above) is a great kid and takes my boys under his wing. I teach him piano so the boys get to play with him weekly. They cried the week that he didn't come. He helped them play musical chairs.
This is Carson showing me his CTR rock. Can you see it? Can you? Neither can I. He was actually pretending that it was his camera and was busy busy taking lots pictures. :)

Got my hairs cut. Short-er bangs. I like.

Silly hat day at preschool. Don't worry. I didn't take them to school naked or in PJ's.
These are back from November...Thanksgiving days at preschool.

Cutest little Indians!
Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. I still can't believe we got to go this year. I have wanted to go every single year and never get tickets. Lindsay got her hands on some and we went a few days early before flying out to MS to go to the concert. Totally worth it!

Stephanie and I sang together with the Hymns of Thanksgiving. It was a great experience. It isn't too often that you get to sing wonderful music in honor of Thanksgiving. I'm so glad I got the opportunity and even more glad to have had a friend with me. Speaking of my friend. Stephanie had a big birthday this week and we had fun making it BIG. She put together one heck of a party. It was a full blown carnival. My boys LOVED it. Thanks for being a party girl Steph. We sure had fun.
More pics from the party to come.

Our quiet Sunday ended with Cade barfing up his entire meal right at the dinner table. He hasn't been feeling very well yesterday and today but I didn't see that coming. Ew. It was awful. On the up side, I got to use some new cleaning products that I've been anxious to try!
Monday morning here I come.