Friday, January 6, 2012

Over the mountains and through the clouds....

To Grandmother's house we go!!!
Well....first we had some airport meltdowns. This only after being in the airport for about 20 minutes. You can imagine the faces Shane and I were exchanging as we anticipated what the next 8 hours were going to look like.
These pictures of Carson were taken right before Juliann and Derek Hough walked right passed us. I have to admit...I was a bit star struck. I felt like I became just a little bit cooler that day just from seeing them. They are pretty people. :) Anyway...sidebar.
Our flights to Mississippi went okay. Could have been better...could have been much worse. No one needs me to tell them that flying with kids is difficult. Old news, right? We made it safe and sound and all got some renewed energy as we walked toward parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, I get the award for THE WORST picture taker of all time and didn't capture any of those sweet moments. For now they are still very fresh in my mind. Carson and Cade were happy to see their grandparents and quickly became their friendly, talkative selves. Cade later fell asleep sitting up at the table in our hotel room. That's a good visual for how we all felt at the end of the day. So is this....
The next morning we spent a little time in Gulfport before making our way into Jackson.
The coast was foggy, foggy but very beautiful.
Once we were settled in the mission home we played, played, played. Watching the boys make themselves at home was darling cute. Also a fresh image in my mind.

More...much more to come!


Justin and JoLyn said...

I'm so glad you had fun and survived the plane ride... but back to the most important matter of business... YOU DIDN'T GET A PICTURE OF THE HOUGHS?!?! Amy Jo!! What the heck?!

Huszar Family - Idaho said...

Great pics Amy :-)

Amber said...

looks like fun!!!

I'm sad to hear the flight wasn't great. we are about to fly (with just Veda)... but still. it makes me nervous.

jillpill said...

Now that I gave you an invite to my blog, I can comment on yours and not feel like a total stalker. It was fun to see you and your family in Twin! Your boys are adorable and you and your sisters looked gorgeous. Glad you survived a plane ride with toddlers. This is no easy task! Hopefully I'll see you soon in Twin again!