Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Eve

Stockings hung. Check.
Soup in homemade bread bowls. Check. (not pictured)
Christmas Eve jammies. Check.

Pajama Parade. Check. Only a few pictures of the boys gettin' their groove on. Pictures of adults spazin'...and groovin'....those are sacred!

Finishing his somersault!
Nativity pieced together. Scriptures read. Check.

Santa makes his stop. Check. Christmas morning just around the corner!!!


*LaUrA* said...

I am jealous of Cade...I really want that train! I longed for a beautiful electric train to ride the rails around my Christmas tree this year. I considered a few options but in the end chickened out of buying one. How do you like this one? Does it work well?

Looks like a great Christmas!! sugar cereal of choice (just in case you ever have to play Santa for me)...OH's!... or cinnamon toast crunch...oh wait...Reese's Peanut Butter is a tie for all 3. Dessert in a bowl of milk. Actually skip the cereal...just pour the mini Oreos in a bowl and call me good ;)