Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Children's Museum

On our last day in Mississippi we were able to take the boys to the Children's Museum in Gulfport. It ended up being perfect for that day. We were scheduled to be at the airport at about 2pm. The flight out of Gulfport ended up being delayed 3 hours. We had a crazy long layover scheduled in Atlanta that ended up saving us in the end. 5 hour layover was cut down to an hour and a half and was the only reason we didn't miss our connecting flight to Salt Lake. Total blessing in disguise. So we played in Gulfport, on Annette's BirTHdaY, with time to spare! It was perfect...and the weather was beautiful.

Carson was there too. He ran around the place a little too quickly. But Shane did manage to get a few pictures of him. :)

This last picture is of Cade in the actual cockpit of one of our flights. How cool is that? The rest of the trip is a little hazy. Our flight into Salt Lake was a late one and fortunately the boys slept the whole time. It was nice. Except that Shane and I weren't really able to sleep. Here's when the fun began. We landed in Salt Lake at about 1am. By the time we got our luggage, out to the parking lot to pick up our Jeep, loaded and on the road it was 2 am. My brother was getting married the next day so we had to make our way to Twin Falls. We pulled off the freeway at 5am and the boys woke up for the day at 7am. and Mississippi time was an hour ahead. It was crazy. I asked Shane while we were driving...."When was the last time you were up this late?" "Ummm...NEVER!" I am just so grateful for clear, dry roads. Bad weather would surely have caused us to miss the wedding. We were being watched over. Phil and Brooke helped us with the boys the whole day so that we could be in the Temple and the Luncheon kid free. They are SAINTS! We ran on adrenaline the whole day and made it back to Boise that night so that Shane could get to work the next morning. We went back a day later for the reception. Crazy I tell ya!

Our time in Mississippi was precious. I am so, so, SO glad we were able to go. A big thank you to Tom and Annette for getting us there and allowing us to interrupt their busy lives. It was wonderful for us to spend time with them. I'm hoping the boys are old enough now that they'll remember this last trip. They sure loved being with Grandma and Grandpa Tucker. Their service and dedication are amazing to me. We have loved sharing just a small portion of their mission with them. We have been blessed because of righteous parents. I want to be like them when I grow up. Thank you, thank you to the best F.I.L and M.I.L out there! We love you.


Desarae Fowler said...

That looks like an awesome one! miss you guys!!

Ryan, Retha and Sam said...

Amy I love your hair. It's gorgeous!