Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Documenting the Day

Our Christmas was low key. With only our two boys it seemed quiet but it was lovely. The one thing specific that Cade asked for was the Polar Express Train. And when I say specific, I mean specific. He can quickly look at any engine and tell you why it's not the right one...the bell isn't in the right position...or the color of the light isn't right....or freight car vs passenger car. I could go on. With Annette's help, the exact train was found and that was that. Both boys love it and can play with it, still, all day long. It really is a fun train and made Christmas extra magical.

Tom's brother Don and his wife Karla were able to be with us too which was wonderful. They treated Carson and Cade like their own grandchildren and were happy to respond to being called Grandma and Grandpa! And Karla was great about spending her mornings getting ready with Carson keeping her company. I really enjoyed getting to know them better.

December was wonderful. Having the boys at an age where they can now grasp the true meaning of Christmas made it the best yet. It was sweet to hear them tell me the story of Christ's birth and recognize the details that make it so beautiful. I love my Savior and have so much to be grateful for.